(Part 11) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

Iron Chef Meets Top Model on Wall Street Before The White House.

 Born in America! Made in America! What’s the difference? Sounds a lot like another question. Leader, born or made? Think Iron Chef. First Started in Japan. Or America’s Next Top Model. Started by Tyra Banks. So, Iron Chef meets Top Model. Making more than just pennies and dimes.

What’s the business value? Cooking up a meal. Showing passion and zeal. Expanding market appeal. Tied to having the basics. Can’t impress anybody. Without knowing how to boil, bake and burn baby burn. To strut your stuff. Twist and turn. Got Junk in the trunk? Draws much attention.

Like branding on the booty. Let your U-S-P shine through. Unique Selling Proposition. It’s the way you package the package. Make the sale. Run the show. Hone your craft. Master the game. Inspire the people. Hang with the movers & shakers. Plenty love to go around. So get your biz in order.

Are more American millionaires foreign born? Food for thought. These Reality Shows give some hints. For business success. Sizzling in the kitchen. Gliding on the runway. All about looks, style and flava. As well as the entertainment value. Goes a long way. To impacting the bottom-line.

So the heat is on! Tell that to the aspiring Chefs, budding Models and “living your dreamers.” The Obamas are proof. President Barack as a Hawaiian born American. First Lady Michelle as a locally-grown citizen. Travelling coast-to-coast. Waking-up the world. With a new flava to savor.

Hip Tip: Success in cooking is like what modeling does for lifestyle. You gotta know how to wake-up the flava without burning the taste.

Blog Talkback: Speaking of U-S-P, does living your dreams make you more healthy? Sexy? Edgy? Groovy? 

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