(Part 9) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

There Goes The Neighborhood With Another Scam CEO!

daddy-daughter09 There’s a new Colonel in town. Better known as KFC. More recently as KGC. For his un-fried grilled side. Planning to open a fast-food joint on the block or in the barrio? (Get to that idea in a minute.) Well, well, well! There goes the neighborhood. With more bogus Reality TV shows. And scammer CEOs?

Seen as a cousin to Big Brother. Pitting neighbors against one another. Then they wonder why this show had low ratings. Or why some businesses fail. Not enough time to talk about it here. Just know that they run out of money, ideas, and steam. What does it take to be your own boss?

The right mindset. No longer working for ‘The Man.’ But for yourself and a plan. The most dependable hands are next to your wrist. Gotta have the motivation. To carry on the vision. After the train has left the station. Applying a methodology. For moving goals along. Making things happen.

Then there’s the money factor. Maybe needed at startup or to get a leg-up. Sometimes you borrow. To build a brighter tomorrow. Other times you invest. In that rainy day fund. All this leads to ownership. Value appreciation and a tax shelter. Working with great people and on exciting projects. 

True, man cannot live on fast-food alone. Or in the Reality TV zone. Think outside the box. Even when your job’s stuck in a box. Grow your business acumen and Benjamins. Boost your point value. Happens lot by lot in the neighborhood. As you buy a house. Build a business. And pursue a dream.

Hip Tip: A Homegrown biz can start in the garage or guest room, grow into a franchise agreement and supply you with year-round fulfillment.

Blog Talkback: What have you learned as a career professional or entrepreneur about handling failure and turning lemons into lemonade? 

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