Recession 101.

daddy-daughter09 Bill Gates started Microsoft during a recession. It’s become one of the largest software companies in the world. What does Gates have in common with many? The big break. Going from idea to making money. See it in today’s headlines and tomorrow’s horoscope.

GM reinvention. Palin resignation. DL Hughley gets NY radio gig. Randal Pinkett as possible NJ Lieutenant Governor? Man on the moon 40 years ago. “Do the Right Thing” 20 years later. So take your pick. Before the big break, comes a big step. Start up. Step up. Start over. Step out. Start now.

Cancer, Capricorn. Leo, Libra. What’s your sign? It tells something about personality. But what does it say about prospects? Success is not based on zodiac sign. But on being yourself. Do you. Do the things that most don’t do. To have the things that most won’t have.

Sotomayor nomination. All-star game first pitch. NAACP historic speech. Healthcare debate. Here’s the deal. Obama’s big break made him President. But long ago he decided to follow his heart. To live, love, learn, laugh. And his legacy? Maybe Affirmative Action’s return on investment. 

Speaking of legacy. Will the King of Pop rest in peace? After a star-studded tribute the rumors continue. Maybe the price is right. Or you got next. For the green light. Talent over privilege. Wealth over broke. Knowledge over ignorance. Dream over stuck. That’s right. You deserve a break today.

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