What’s Next for Your Biz Idea?

daddy-daughter09 Will Michael Jackson’s legacy live on? Could GM’s highs and lows explain how? Here’s a company that grew leaps and bounds. Then hit some rough road. But they quickly came out of bankruptcy. Wanna be startin’ something? That biz idea? Look at the man/woman in the mirror.

GM had to change or re-arrange to keep making the dough. What brings such change? The need for new money. Benji’s to spend. Passion at work. A good living. Ready to achieve the next goal? Becoming Layoff Proof. Career Makeover. Start a business. Reinvent or re-brand. Dust-off your dreams. Know the tradeoffs?

It’s like needing to lose a few pounds. Get back your six-pack. What makes someone change?  Maybe a blowout, burnout or bailout. You blow a tire, fuse, shirt size. You are sick & tired of being sick and tired. Maybe a jail-free second chance. A loved one passes on. Painful? Yes, these situations can cause a change reaction.

GM expects to thrive again. After making cost-cutting moves. Building a new business model. Taking calculated risks. It’s all in a day’s work. Not just for the Automaker. But also for the 21st century go-getter. Get back in stride again. Feel brand new. Step-up your game. Set-off your ride to fame. Don’t stop til you get enough. Or get it right. 

Change is not always radical. But it’s good to clear the air. Grow beyond your fears. Live each day smiling from ear to ear. Take a paycut? If it gets you out a rut or from a nut. Make six figures? Believe it then achieve it. Why you gotta change or re-arrange? Because success as a hot-stepper depends on it. So, good luck. And sweet dreams!

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