Just a Side Hustle.

daddy-daughter09 Take this ?*@# job (or relationship) and shove it! Not to worry. Many have felt this way before. Career and business moves start here. Matchmaking too. Guess how? As just a side hustle. Going from hunch to the real thing. Step-up your game or blow-up your name? Channel frustration into invention.

Go to night school. Take a sabbatical. Work flex hours. Approach your hobby like finding a hubby. Jobs are like relationships. Sometimes you have to work on finding a better gig. Most times you have to work on self for a better match. No more drama at home or office? Turn passion into a money-making pipeline.

Coca Cola and the modern day Roller Coaster. Might have begun as experiments. Like how blind dates and affairs get started. Dot coms get loaded. Dreams get planted. Going from day job to play job. From idea to inception. Take it underground. Works for music artists and social networking superstars.

One wish for bliss? Turn fantasy into reality. It can take around three years. To get it right. Flush things out. Get past the fears. This could mean makeover or reinvention. Good for GM. And for M&M. Match lifestyle with passion at work. Or workstyle with your best life. Play job to dream biz?

Hustle and flow. What’s your brand? Niche? Delivery? Connect with the “who’s who” online and in primetime. Reinvention doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel. Just make sure style and substance bump your salary. It’s how stars are born, dreams are made and rollers get paid.

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