Reinvent Yourself: Bringing Sexy Back, Second Time Around.

daddy-daughter09 Lionel Ritchie is back! So is Charlie (last name Wilson). Both veterans in the music business. 25-30 years ago they were hot on the charts. Then their careers went dark. How did they make a comeback? Maybe with help from Justin Timberlake (JT). By bringing sexy back. The second time around.

Looks like GM executives got the JT memo. The company is working on a makeover. Off-loading losing models. Uploading a new image. Buick’s Creative Design team made it clear. They described Buick’s new look as a sexy sedan. Say it this way. Reinvention that puts ‘sexy in the city’ on wheels.

Bringing sexy back? Good for career or business? Hold that thought. GM says Buick’s new look is more aerodynamic. Sleeker lines. Glitter and glam to the light panel. Nothing like Oldsmobile of the past. Before it had an older appeal. But now it’s more chic. Re-discovery made that possible.

GM knows it takes skill to be discovered again. You either got it or you don’t. Coming out of bankruptcy means what? They have to find new customers beyond their base. That’s what Ritchie and Charlie prove. They still got it. A sense of soul. The skill to thrill. Style that keeps them current.

Wanna bring sexy back to the workplace? Soul-search your way to stunning results. Look East, West, North and South. Before you’re dead and gone. Head to toe makeover. Go bald, natural or blonde. Re-discover the soul of your genius. Develop new skills. Be discovered again for your fresh style. (Working on bringing sexy back myself. Gotta run now. There goes my Baby. She lifts me up when I’m down!)

One thought on “Reinvent Yourself: Bringing Sexy Back, Second Time Around.

  1. “Bring Sexy Back”, I believe it is good for both career and business. I am a little excited about GM reinventing itself, so much so, I may even consider an american made car next time. Sometimes a new look can bring new career and business opportunities. A new suit and hair can put some pep in your step or boost self-confidence and a new logo or web design can open the eyes of new customers and old customers may put on new glasses. I am with “bringing sexy back” in business as well as in career. Nice topic Doc!

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