Part 3 – Lebron James is the CEO of Me Inc.

daddy-daughter09 Why is Lebron James being compared to Oscar Robinson? Because of a long-standing record that many believe James can break. Robinson is the only NBA player to average a ‘triple double’ in a season. This is double figure scores in three game stats. That aside, James is often asked about becoming a free agent in 2010.


OK, stop right there! What does a free agent have to do with being the CEO of Me Inc.? What does the CEO of Me Inc. have to do with being a free agent? Good questions. It shows where the 21st century job market is going. The average worker can expect to change jobs or careers. Maybe once, twice or some more. So, guess what? Employers will be hiring less staff and more contract workers.


Employers are always looking for a few good folks. As a contract worker this relieves them of benefits costs. They’ll hire more by project than by position. This makes the CEO of Me Inc. a perfect choice. You can make money without limiting your options. You can work on contract and shop around your skills as a Me Inc. professional.


Free agents have higher earning power and profit potential. Medical Doctors are good examples. After completing Med School they work in a specialty. Some even open up their own practice. Success as a free agent means having a specialty in career or business. This way the marketplace always has use for you too. Whether as employee, consultant or owner.

Top-notch free agents bring business-savvy. The marketplace rewards those who can turn an idea into ‘show me the money.’ That’s what excites employers as well. Can you help the enterprise make money? Do you offer real value as a market-preneur? The free agent model applies not only to James and those in sports. Pros in the business world work best and win big as the CEO of Me Inc.

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