Part 4 – Lebron James is the CEO of Me Inc.

daddy-daughter09 This year has seen more 50+ point games by James. The team has set new winning records for the season. Is James that much better? Does the team have that much fire power? Yes and Yes! I also think it’s because James has found the ‘sweet spot.’


There is a sweet spot in the bedroom, on the playground and in the workplace. They all involve performance. It’s about how passion rises. It’s about how you bring the heat. Can you dig? OK, so let’s go with what we know. Time to talk sex (yea baby!).


For the grown and sexy couple, here’s a thought. To keep the magic alive you have to re-invent the lovin’. You have to find new ways to keep it fresh. There is a time for ignition and a time for release. You gotta get fired-up. You gotta get in the flow. After ecstasy you think maybe that was a 10, or 8 or 5 on the good lovin’ scale.


The same is true as CEO of Me Inc. You’re not fired-up about what you do? Find a new line of work. Success in today’s job market means you have to reinvent yourself to remain competitive. Stop holding back on your dreams. Release your fears and let yourself go. Let yourself grow. Rate yourself but don’t inflate yourself. How? Test yourself against your own actions. This way you take pride without having to compare yourself to others.

The sweet spot. Welcome to performance heaven. Where passion and praise collide. It’s like genius on high. You get to work it. You get to prove it. You get to feel it. You get to love it. The sweet spot might be a place, a feeling, a showing or just a knowing. As the CEO of Me Inc. you experience it for yourself.

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