Part 2 – Lebron James is the CEO of Me Inc.

daddy-daughter09 In case you missed it, Lebron James is on a mission. That was his message on a recent 60 Minutes interview. The NBA playoffs are near and James wants to win a championship. But there’s more. He also wants to be the biggest pro player brand ever. Bigger than Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan.


After a few years in the league James ‘saw the light.’ He began by firing his agent. Many sports analysts thought this was crazy. How can you fire the person that’s helping you get paid? Even the NBA Commissioner had some concerns. James remains confident in his decision. He believes success is tied to not being scared to fail.


How does this play out in the work world? Well, first things first. Fire yourself and then re-hire yourself as the CEO of Me Inc. Release your fear of failure and watch yourself go. You become more creative. This shows up in the way you roll. It shows up in the way you flow. Creativity is the skill that adds sharpness to your razor’s edge.


Once you free your creative juices then you can be more selective. This is about how you niche yourself. Creativity gives you the razor’s edge but being selective gives you the market edge. You are more easily recognized for what you do, make or sell. In time you’ll go from being hired to being electric. You just WOW those around you.

Watch James hit shots over and over again. Watch him hit them almost at will and from anywhere. You never know what next he’ll pull from his ‘bag of shots.’ It’s this combo of skill, decision making and execution that makes fans go wild. It’s also what makes being the CEO of Me Inc. so rewarding. Wanna be the biggest and baddest YOU ever? Then step outside the box and get jiggy with it.

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