James Corden & Howard Schultz Found Themselves Unlikely Dream Jobs, but Nailed it! #BigTimeUniversity

This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine with Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (Old-School Flava)

Who knew that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz grew up in the projects? Well, that’s the story he tells in an online feature. It gives us a sense for why making money and being a force for good can go hand-in-hand. Schultz and James Corden seemed to have found themselves in unlikely dream jobs, but nailed it.

As Late Night host Corden once told the Wall Street Journal “In many respects it’s the dream job for me. I don’t know if it’s playing to my strengths. It’s more like ignoring my weaknesses.” Schultz and Corden know about that moment you feel like “it’s now or never” while others tell you “it’s not gonna happen.”

Corden is one of those “Brits turned Yankee.” He had doubts about taking the Late Night gig. He wasn’t sure about being up to the challenge. But he kept his nose to the grind with other things to perform on stage. It was one such occasion where a CBS exec saw him and made the decision to offer him the spot.

After some time, he eventually came to his senses. He went with the “It’s now or never” option. He’d get a chance to participate in the late night space. His show has now created cultural hooks as a Youtube sensation with the wildly popular “Carpool Karaoke.” Corden’s busy hosting and his team’s busy posting.

Schultz told the Huffington Post how his father-in-law said to him “It’s time you give up this [coffee] hobby and get a job.” But his wife who was the bread-winner in the family told Schultz “We’re going to follow these dreams that you have. We’re going to see this through.” So he was busy going for the big payback.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

Howard Schultz says he grew-up “projects” poor. That’s one way he gives his score. So he says in online feature story. So people can appreciate his biz glory. Making money high on his radar. A force for good both near and far. Schultz and Corden in unlikely dreams jobs. But nailed it by not being slobs.

Late night host his latest fame. With a show that bears his name. Told Wall Street Journal job’s right for him. With strengths over weaknesses on the slim. Knowing about the moment he did feel. This can’t be true or for real. Between “it’s now or never” thinking. And people’s “it’s not gonna happen” winking.

Corden moves from England to L.A. “Brit turned Yankee” is what some say. Had those doubts like normal people do. Wasn’t sure he could come through. Kept his nose to the grind. Letting things play-out and unwind. So he’d perform on stage as before. Where CBS exec offered him the spot and more.

After some time came to his senses. “It’s now or never” wasn’t just pretenses. He’d get his shot in the late night space. To participate and earn his place. A show oozing with cultural hooks. And Youtube links for later looks. Wildly popular “Carpool Karaoke” stream. Corden’s busy hosting, web postings by his team.

Schultz telling media outlet. Of father-in-law putting down the gauntlet. Saying it’s time to give-up this coffee thing. Get a job more enterprising. But his wife as bread-winner stood by her man. Focused on building this dream with a plan. To see it through the sense of lack. And reaching for the big payback.


Tip: Getting past life’s haters and naysayers takes a strong sense of “reality check” for the big payback.

Talkback: What might we learn from Schultz and Corden about the “big paycheck” vs the “big payback?”

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This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST

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