Nancy Pelosi Raises Eyebrows with Her Statements on the Recent Jobs Report


Theme:– Operation J.U.M.P. For Jobs, Justice & Unsung Dreams

There’s lots of buzz in Washington these days. Some are gearing-up for the Cherry Blossoms bloom. Others are hoping that unemployment benefits return for the long-term jobless. The Senate has taken up a bill, the House, not sure. Maybe that’s why Nancy Pelosi raised eyebrows with her recent statements.

The Jobs Report made headlines but Pelosi went one-up on the news. The report shows that private sector employment has surpassed pre-recession levels. Pelosi pinned the tail on the Bush Administration past. While the private sector numbers sound like progress, the unemployment rate was unchanged.

Bloomberg and the Economic Policy Institute made some notes. EPI suggests that the private sector has a shortfall of 5 to 6 million jobs, meaning economic activity hiring has not kept pace with newly added workers to the job market. Bloomberg shows that the long-term jobless are just as good a hire as anyone.

So, there’re social gaps in what could have been. When you study some of the other facts you see almost double the national average in unemployment for one demographic and high underemployment across the board. This calls for an Affirmative Jobs Action program. This calls for Operation J.U.M.P.

You’ve heard of ACA as in the Affordable Care Act. Pelosi might say it achieved its rollout goal. Now we must shift our attention to Affirmative Jobs Action (AJA). If we approach the long-term jobless and AJA with the same gusto as ACA, we’ll make millions of people happier like those who now have healthcare.

Footnote: Operation J.U.M.P. is like an Affirmative Jobs Action program that’s focused on engaging policy makers, incentivizing business leaders and empowering 21st century workers for a comeback in the job market.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Finds Himself Between a Rock and a Hard Place


Theme:– Operation C.R.U.S.H. Against Gun Violence, Bias and Clouded Vision

President Obama made a visit to Chicago recently to drum-up support for Democratic candidates. His trip started out with a Business Roundtable where he “rubbed shoulders,” but was overshadowed by the Fort Hood Shooting. Meanwhile, Mayor Rahm Emanual finds himself between a rock and a hard place.

He’s faced with some serious challenges common to many urban cities. There’re the problems with school closings and street violence to name a few. The most pressing issue it seems deals with tackling the shortfall in pension funds. He’s not shrinking away from the challenge even with the clock ticking.

Some Chicago insiders and elected officials believe this issue is a game-changer. But maybe it’s the way Emanuel is dealing with it head-on that best fits the description. It could serve as a good example for how as a nation we might deal with gun violence. Every time there’s a shooting people analyze without action.

There’s a tendency to point fingers everywhere else but where it belongs. The latest complaints have been about people with mental health issues. Some want to blame the crazies when maybe the buck stops with us the sane. We keep allowing dangerous weapons to get into the hands of unstable people.

Emanuel is known as a tough-nosed guy. The challenges facing Chicagoans exists in others cities and states as well. The pension fund problem is about money and as we know “money talks.” So, is it going to take putting a dollar value on life and death to address gun violence with the same sense of urgency?

Footnote: The problems of urban plight are not fixed by simply pointing fingers at those seen as the “lazies or crazies” but by lifting fingers and empowering lives to be like the sane.

Realizing Your Dreams: Steve Harvey’s Branding Moves Hit a New Groove (Part 10)


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (Old-School Flava)

Not everybody in the entertainment industry earns a star. That honor on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is given to icons across music, film and related productions. A few years ago Steve Harvey was one to join that number. It was one of his happiest moments. This is like a testament to realizing your dreams.

They say many are called but few are chosen. In this case many apply but few get selected by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. They run the selection process and determine who gets a star. But letting your star shine is less about fame and more about recognizing you’re too good to not try.

Winners and achievers know that if you don’t try you can’t fly. That’s what the baby eagle knows when preparing to leave the nest. You have to flap your wings enough times to build-up the muscles. You have to take a hop and a step to build-up your faith. You have to spread your wings as your passion sings.

With Harvey it was spreading his wings through comedy. He found ways to make people laugh at the comedy club. He packaged his comedy for TV sitcom. He took his gifts to radio and other venues. This wouldn’t have happened if he had given-up. Realizing your dreams is in knowing you’re too good to quit.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a salute to those who’ve made a name for themselves in entertainment. These days Harvey is seen on billboards doing a salute to military veterans of the “stars and stripes.” If life and death is all that’s left, then realizing your dreams is in knowing that you’re too good to fail!




Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (New-School Flava)

Not all actors in showbiz talk. Get a star on the Hollywood Walk. That’s given as street-level inductions. To icons in music, film and related productions. Some years ago Harvey was among the few. Joining the elite group of A-lister crew. Happy moment without a doubt. Realizing your dreams can give you clout.

Many are called few chosen. Not given-out like dime a dozen. Many apply few selected. By the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce elected. They manage the process and the choice. And determine who gets to feel like a Rolls Royce. Letting your star shine is less about fame. Moreso seeing yourself in the game.

You’re too good not to try. If you don’t try you can’t fly. That’s what Momma eagle teaches baby bird. Preparing to leave the nest and join the herd. Flap your wings for muscle usage. More hops and steps for faith wattage. After a while you can spread your wing. Letting your purpose and passion sing.

Harvey’s flight came through comedy. That was his “in it to wing it” remedy. Found new ways to make people smile. Packaging his comedy in a sitcom style. Using his gifts on radio and laugh-a-lot venues. Raising his standing and his biz revenues. Giving up wasn’t an option. Too good to quit was his caption.

Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Props to those who’ve made it thus far. These days Harvey’s seen on billboard signs. Giving salute to the “stars and stripes” kinds. If life and death is all you’ve got left. Then don’t fall for dream theft. Too good not try, to quit or fail. Realizing your dreams is about setting sail.

Tip: Some banks are too big to fail, but you’re too good to not let your dreams sail.

Talkback: Who would you honor if that’s the incentive you had for realizing your dreams?