Is John Boehner on the List of U.S. Hirings or Firings?


Theme:– Operation J.U.M.P. For Jobs, Justice & Unsung Dreams

The government shutdown is set to enter its second week. There’s no budge or budget in sight. Many are hurting as kids don’t have daycare and seniors don’t have eldercare. Our leaders spend more time attacking the other party than attacking the problems. So, is John Boehner on the list of hirings or firings?

That’s a question many ask as we approach the holiday season. A few retailers have already announced their temporary-help hiring plans. This is also a time when some companies announce layoffs to their workforce. The holidays can be a time of higher consumer confidence but lower workplace confidence.

It’s almost as if our government needs a ‘jump’ right now. Some in Congress need us to ‘jump’ in their faces and ask what’s wrong with them. This is no way to run a country as a business or to run a business as we run this country. If government were a private business the Corporate Board would have to act.

As citizens we are the Board and we’ll have to decide the next time we vote. But in the meantime let’s do our part in providing a J.U.M.P. (joining in unity to motivate progress) to our communities. This is what we’d do if the service truck didn’t show-up for that stranded “runway-model” motorist.

Let’s remind John Boehner and our elected leaders to be there for us like roadside service. If the service truck is a no-show then motorists will cancel their business contract. Maybe as we give a ‘jump’ to others, some in Congress will get the hint. But those who miss the point should miss their curbside perks.

Footnote: The holiday season as a time of high consumer confidence and equally high workplace anxiety is a good time to begin joining in unity to motivate progress.

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