Hot-Headed Politicians, Drivers and Bikers Turned a Normal Day into Disarray


Theme:– A Conversation on Gun Violence, Bias and Mental Illness

The past week has been filled with SMH moments. First was the government shutdown. The next day we saw the attack by bikers on a NY motorist. Then we heard about the Indiana driver who fired his gun at a passing vehicle and (unrelated) shots fired outside the Capitol. These turned a normal day into disarray.

The bikers seemed to have created a situation that soon escalated. One of them was run over as the NY motorist tried to flee. The Indiana driver was caught on cell phone camera shooting at the other vehicle. It’s reported he’s a Doctor at a prison facility. He’s been arrested while authorities search for other bikers.

NYPD says investigations are ongoing. Many of the comments on the incident were against the bikers. The family of the injured biker is heartbroken because he remains in a coma and in critical condition. Even if given the benefit of the doubt events like these show a pattern that triggered violent reactions.

It’s not as if our elected officials in Washington are setting the best example. With all the haggling and name-calling it seems there’s an ‘air of conflict’ that hovers over our country. This certainly can spill over into daily life. If two parents constantly bicker over stuff, chances are that’s repeated by the kids.

The reasons for violence in our community are likely becoming more pathetic. Some are caused by social conditions while others by lost self-control. It’s time for us as ‘big kids’ to show our ‘little kids’ how to resolve conflict. Compromise and collaboration help us rise about the small stuff to arrive at the big stuff.

Footnote: Compromise and collaboration is how spouses as ‘big kids’ iron-out differences to avoid the effects of rage on the ‘little kids’ and the odor found around a stagnant air of conflict.

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