Has ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Gone Bust Like the Past Market Crash?


Theme:– Operation J.U.M.P. For Jobs, Justice & Unsung Dreams

Last week saw the second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street protests. A spattering of about 100 people came to rally their cause. Many concerns of unemployment and income inequality that drove the demonstrations remain. So, has Occupy Wall Street (OWS) gone bust like the past market crash?

The word on the street is that they’ve gone underground. They resurfaced a year ago after Hurricane Sandy. Many groups provided disaster relief and logistic support. But others think it has just about fizzled. The effort seems to have lost its steam because the leaders couldn’t agree on the overriding purpose.

This can apply to any other movement that touts social change. People will come and go but the larger purpose prevails. The main purpose of Operation J.U.M.P. is to help relieve joblessness or job distress and bring unsung dreams back from the dead. Of-course, there’re a few economic justice items thrown in.

Think of Operation J.U.M.P. like raising the sunken ship Costa Concordia. A team of specialty engineers put together a plan to upright the ship. This was a very complex operation that involved pulleys, cables and steel structures. Now that it’s been ‘righted’ it will take another year before the site returns to normal.

OWS as a tactic might have served its main purpose. It elevated issues of economic injustice needing public attention. Operation J.U.M.P. as a grassroots initiative partners with other ‘social-preneurs’ across various market sectors to help upright the job market back to normal and keep raising new-found dreams.

Footnote: The purpose of Operation J.U.M.P. as a grassroots initiative is to respond to the 4 million long-term jobless, 8 million of under-employment restless and the untold millions with fears that lead to unsung dreams in the job-market ocean.

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