Simon Cowell And Paula Abdul on X-Factor, Love At First Sight!

(Part 6) Reinvent Your Game, Future-Proof Your Dreams: (Old-School Flava)
How Celebs & Pros Go from Played-out to Poppin’ Again!

 Simon Cowell on Idol, those were the days. It seems like yesterday. Paula Abdul and Cowell giving feedback to contestants. That duo left. But is being revived on the new X-Factor. This is Cowell’s baby! Not Abdul, but the show. Cowell’s like the comeback kid because he’s not afraid of failure.

His rise to stardom says something about having the X-factor. Cowell had seen success before and lost it all. His reinvention involved taking time to re-group. After going back home to live with his parents he found a way to reload. His career re-launch helped position him as a judge on Britain’s Pop Idol.

This is exactly what he’s doing now with the X-Factor. After leaving Pop Idol to join American Idol, Cowell became a “love-or-hate-him” judge. He left the show after nine seasons because he started to feel bored. Cowell is looking to do it again as he regroups, reloads and re-launches himself on the X-Factor.

Cowell might agree that reinventing your game is about showcasing your gifts and talents. Not everybody can sing or dance, but everybody can turn their gifts into glory. Reinventing your game is also about showing some grit. Cowell’s smile reveals someone who balances “grit and burn” with “win and earn.”

Any successful person will tell you that overcoming the fear of failure helps to future-proof your dreams. In Cowell’s own words, “it’s like getting ready to ride the Roller Coaster. You suddenly become excited. For a brief moment you’re kind of scared. But in the long run you end up having a good time.”   


(Part 6) Reinvent Your Game, Future-Proof Your Dreams: (New-School Flava)
How Celebs & Pros Go from Played-out to Poppin’ Again!

Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul to team-up. Hoping to take a new show to the top. It seems like yesterday. When both had something to say. As contestants did their thing. To be crowned as Idol Queen of King. Cowell is like the comeback kid. Writing “hello fear” on his success grid.

Cowell had seen success before. Then lost the gig and the store. Rising to stardom from his parent’s living room. Now looking to help the X-Factor boom. Reinventing by taking time to regroup. While sipping on some chicken soup. Finding a way to reload. Re-launching his career bigger than a toad.

Going from Britain’s Pop Idol. To judging on American Idol. After nine seasons he became bored. So he left with all the hits he done scored. Looking to do it again. With Abdul as a judge and long lost friend. He regroups, reloads and re-launches his game. With the new X-Factor flame.

Reinventing his fame. Showcasing the same. Weaving talents into a compelling story. It’s how you turn gifts into glory. Not everybody can sing and dance. But for success everybody has a chance. Cowell’s found a way to balance “grit and burn.” With his signature smile he knows how to “win and earn.”

He’s living proof. Of how to take success through the roof. Overcoming the fear of failure. Giving time for your dreams to nurture. It’s like getting on a Roller Coaster. Part excited and slight happier. For a brief moment you’re a bit scared. About what should be feared. But in the long run. The ride’s lots of fun.           

Tip: Reinventing yourself means even if you’re scared you face whatever it is you’ve feared.

Talkback: Will Paula Abdul help X-Factor become a hit or is that Simon’s job?

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