P. Diddy Gives Dirty Money a New Appeal for Bringing Home the Bacon

(Part 7) Reinvent Your Game, Future-Proof Your Dreams: (Old-School Flava)
How Celebs & Pros Go from Played-out to Poppin’ Again!

They say a cat has nine lives. Well, P Diddy is no cat, but he sure can reinvent himself. Just look at how many times he’s changed his name. Now his new Diddy-Dirty-Money crew is riding the music charts. He’s got all the big-name collabs on the album. He’s a musician turned mogul. Diddy is sitting pretty.

It’s all about collecting the check. That’s what makes him tick. But it’s his work ethic that makes things click. He’s sometimes seen as a perfectionist. Diddy is willing to work day and night until he gets the track right. His peers admire him for how he’s been able to flip the script in keeping things hip.

First there were the days of Puff Daddy. He was responsible for launching a few well-known artists. Then he became more affectionately called Puffy. He later went by P Diddy as a way to break away from a close call with the law. He wanted to pick-up the pieces and get back to doing what he loved best.

His career started out as a party promoter. This prepared him to become a rapper and record producer. He also found time for movies. His songs became crowd favorites. Diddy knows that reinventing yourself and staying current is in balancing what you love to do with what the marketplace wants from you.

Some people might call him Sean John. Those are his first and middle names. But it’s the name of his clothing line as well. It’s like a reflection of his personal style. This brings fresh and happiness. It’s about swagger and living larger. Throw-in some fragrances and you’ll be looking, feeling and smelling good!


(Part 7) Reinvent Your Game, Future-Proof Your Dreams: (New-School Flava)
How Celebs & Pros Go from Played-out to Poppin’ Again!

A cat has nine lives. Diddy has no wives. But he knows game reinvention. Just look at his name-changing convention. Now his Diddy-Dirty-Money Crew. Makes him rock like new. Rising up the charts. Playing his music mogul part. Lots of big-name collabs. With others keeping tabs.

The Benjamins make him tick. But his work ethic makes things click. Working day and night. To get the beats and rhymes right. Sometimes seen as a perfectionist. His life-story has some bumps and twists. Peers admire him for flipping the script. Keeping things jumping and most of all hip.

First it was Puff Daddy. Working for artists like a golf Caddy. Launching many careers. Dreaming and believing past his fears. Then affectionately Puffy. By then he was a lot less scruffy. Wanting to break away. From the past to the present day. P Diddy seems more official. But just Diddy makes it crucial.

Started out on the party scene. As a promoter and rap machine. Then as a record producer. Bad Boy Records his money earner. Releasing hit after hit. Not giving up, not wanting to quit. Staying current, keeping pace. Balancing passion and buzz in the marketplace.

Some see him as Sean John. For his clothing line deemed number one. Taken from his first and middle names. But it’s also about his style and acclaim. Mixing fresh with happiness. And good times with success. It’s about swagger and living larger. With fragrances for the grown and sexier.                 

Tip: Reinventing yourself means finding new ways for bringing home the bacon.

Talkback: How has Diddy’s showmanship and reinvention helped boost his career?

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