Did Chad Ochocinco Think Soccer Would Help Improve His Footwork?

(Part 5) Reinvent Your Game, Future-Proof Your Dreams: (Old-School Flava)
How Celebs & Pros Go from Played-out to Poppin’ Again!

Where’s Steven A. Smith when you need him? He’s probably catching up on NBA Playoff stats. Plus, with the NFL Draft just completed, He’s got to be busy. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Chad Ochocinco talks soccer. He recently tried out for the pro leagues. What do these guys know about reinventing yourself?

Well, Ochocinco went back to his childhood dreams and first love. He wanted to give pro soccer a shot in case the NFL lockout drags on. It’s as if he wanted to re-purpose his game. He’s certainly a gifted athlete. Ochocinco might have thought he had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

After his playing days are over, he’ll have to re-package his game. Who knows, maybe working in the broadcast booth at soccer games. Success after one career is all about how you reinvent yourself. But it’s also about how you re-package your game to get the most out of your skills and talents.

Steven A. Smith knows too well how that works. He’s had to re-package his skills to rise up the ranks. Over the years Smith has worked for TV, radio and print media outlets. Ochocinco might have seen soccer as a way to speed-up his footwork. Reinventing yourself can help you blow-up your ratings.

Step out of your comfort zone to raise your game. Re-examine your game or even re-name yourself. That’s how Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali. Gnarls Barkley became Cee-lo Green. And Chad Johnson became Chad Ochocinco. It’s worked for others. How might reinvention work for you?    


(Part 5) Reinvent Your Game, Future-Proof Your Dreams: (New-School Flava)
How Celebs & Pros Go from Played-out to Poppin’ Again!

Calling Steven A. Smith! Looking to hear his sports wit. He’s probably catching-up on stats. Or picking names from a hat. With the NBA playoffs in high gear. Smith knows the team to fear. But we digress. As Ochocinco has to confess. He talked soccer during the off-season. What was his reason?

Ochocinco went back to his childhood. Thinking with pro soccer he could make good. Wanted to give it a shot. In case the NFL lockout wouldn’t clot. Looking to re-purpose his game. Planning to ditch his Wide Receiver acclaim. Thinking he had nothing to lose. With other careers to choose.

After his playing days are done. He’ll have to find new ways to have fun. Maybe working for a broadcast station. Calling games for soccer nation. He’s a gifted athlete. Already shows how to compete. To reinvent is to re-package his game. Making the most of his skills, talents and Reality TV fame.

Steven A. knows how that works. Having to re-package his perks. Rising up the ranks, putting in some sweat. In TV, radio and print media outlets. Ochocinco using soccer to speed-up his footwork. Taking no chances with a slowdown of his day’s work. Reinventing himself to blow-up like fireworks.

Whether on sport radio or NFL TV. Reinventing your way to success is key. Step out your comfort zone, raise your game. Re-name yourself with no shame. Cassius Clay became Ali. Chad Johnson became Ochocinco. Gnarls Barkley became Cee-lo Green. That’s reinvention to breakout your scene.     

Tip: Reinventing yourself means using clockwork to improve your footwork and blow-up like fireworks.

Talkback: Now that Ochocinco has tried-out for pro soccer, will his decision help or hurt his NFL career?

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