Joyner, Baisden and McDonald’s Franchises Have Become a Marketing Bonanza!

(Part 6) Workplace Dreams: Winning Big in Business One Success At a Time!

 Who’s got the best Fries, McDonald’s or Wendy’s? Zagat survey says, McDonald’s. Their Superbowl ad showed how bears dig them too. McDonald’s is probably the best known Fast-Food Chain hands-down. Their business is not built on French Fries alone. They’ve become a marketing machine.

Imagine paying three million dollars for a Superbowl ad? You’d have maximum exposure to a national, even international audience. A lot like mass-marketing appeal. How does this work in business? Well advertising is like a Quarterback’s pass. Marketing is like the catch on your way to a touchdown.

Ads introduce a product/campaign in the marketplace. Marketing is geared towards boosting sales. Taken together, that’s what Superbowl ads hope to achieve. It may be one reason why McDonald’s is so widely known. Their brand is more than just burgers and fries. It’s about marketing Mcfeast Satisfaction.

Marketing helps with people to meet, places to go. It’s social and financial. Just look at all those Superbowl ads. Most of them had a Facebook page to visit. Social media sites have become common in TV commercials. It’s a sort of handshake as businesses find new ways to interact with consumers.

McDonald’s history is well documented. Ray Kroc bought the restaurant from two brothers. He wanted to duplicate it everywhere. Kroc built a network of eateries into franchises. So Network Marketing has come a long way. Just ask Tom Joyner, Michael Baisden, Steve Harvey and others in radio syndication.  

Tip: If advertising gets you noticed then marketing helps get you more business as a bonus.

Talkback: What do you like most about your favorite Fast-Food Chain or Radio Jock?

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