Akon: The Ex-convict or Music Industry’s Next Akonic?

 Another rapper in the slammer? Better call MC Hammer. Been there done that! Who knows how to turn around a bad rap? Akon’s refreshing his game. Though there’s confusion over his name. American born son of Senegal. Knowing it’s important to stay legal. Using his music career to go global.

Rumor is he used to hang-out with crooks. Getting locked up was all it took. Taking time to find his creative voice. By then he really had no choice. Scoring hits after a while. Becoming loved for his African smile. Change is gonna come they often say. Knowing full well that a life of crime doesn’t pay.

TI and Lil Wayne’s been there too. The wakeup call when the system turned the screw. Spending quality time 24/7. Can cause you to look-up to heaven. Some have used this time turning to books. Akon instead has become a master of hooks. Signed for the flava of rhymes he cooks. 

Working with every musician under the sun. Must be his way for having fun. From Lady Gaga to T-pain. Not yet working with the Prince of purple rain. Collaborating with artists even after they’re gone. Like Michael Jackson still forever #1. Making money in checks of royalty. Musical expression of his reality.


What’s the lesson from his life of passion? It’s in ample supply no need to ration. Akon (like Debarge) knows life gives a second chance. Skip the complaining, let go the song and dance. Set a goal and go get it. You have skills and talents that’s the right fit. So make it work for your media kit.

Tip: Some use hooks others write books but success is about how your passion cooks.

Talkback: Has Hip-Hop lost its way or will it be around to stay?

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