Breaking News: Michael Jackson Makes Records After Life.

 Jacko is wacko! That’s what they’d say. Then he stopped giving them the time of day. No love lost. But he had to bear the cost. It’s how things went down. Treating him like a clown. Breaking news, selling millions?  A fan base in the billions. MJ still loved and missed plenty. A pop star icon to many.

Beaten by his father. Joe comes clean to Oprah. Michael never had a true sense of identity. Beyond his singing and dancing proficiency. Plus a case of low interpersonal chemistry. Identity is how you see yourself. Image is how you’re branded on the shelf. Identity is to person. As image is to personality.

Growing up in Indiana small town. Soon signing with Motown.  Hits after hits became his trademark. Like Off the Wall and Beat It video in the dark. World tour concerts with screaming fans. Taking time to lend a hand. The greatest pop entertainer ever. Chances of seeing another Michael, never.

This is it! Allegations to deny or admit. Michael loved being around kids. Not good for his PR grid. Daily trips to the courtroom. Defending sleeping with them in his bedroom. Soon marrying Lisa Marie Presley. Hoping to start a family. That wasn’t to be. Debbie Rowe made surprise delivery.

The world stopped that day. Felt like a movie, don’t press play. Doctors feeding him drugs. Michael searching for hugs. Manslaughter case trial. Family moving past denial. Career dreams in a glove. Dancing across the stage like a dove. Passion is all about love. From the heart to the man above.

Tip: Passion without control is like a runaway train without brakes.

Talkback: Is Michael Jackson ever going to get a chance to rest in peace?

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