The Apprentice Breakthrough That Made Randal Pinkett a Household Name.

 As seen on NBC. No, it wasn’t easy. Blazing trails in the classroom. Facing Donald Trump in the boardroom. A young fella from Philly. Doesn’t treat life willy nilly. Entrepreneur, author, speaker. Community servant, history-making leader. Becoming a household name. He strives to elevate his game.

Season 4 Apprentice winner. The finale was a thriller. First African-American to get top prize. Watching his new acclaim rise. There began the public story. Of fame, fortune and professional glory. Featured in print, online and on air. Dude’s got much notoriety with some to spare.

Certified-gold bestsellers. Headed for the league of Rockefellers. Earning something like five degrees. Loaded in tech savvy and biz expertise. So don’t see his success as a breeze. A balancing-act for sure. Between home and workplace allure. A friend to two or three. Family man to the tee.

What separates him from the rest? 100% commitment to giving his best. Stands tall among his peers.  Even from his youthful years. He lights a fire for all to see. How passion can bring front-page victory. Maximizing his assets and how he’s valued. Reinventing himself – to be continued.

Mr. Trump supports him out loud. Family, friends and James Brown singing “black and proud.” Will he run for office one day? Maybe too soon for us to say. Making an impact in the community. As a sought-after business authority. With more to achieve between now and posterity.

Tip: It might take some luck to win the grand prize but it takes persistence to see your value rise.

Talkback: What makes success seem so easy for some people but so elusive for others?

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