The Decision, Reaction and Fallout on Lebron James Going to South Beach.

(Part 1) Empower Your Summer: Like The Pros Who Raise Their Game and Reach New Fame.

 Rev. Jesse Jackson turned up the heat. On Lebron heading to the Miami suite. Following the comments from Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. Jackson feels Gilbert showed a slave-master mentality. Sports and race. Moving at a fast pace. Lebron’s decision wasn’t easy. Less about betrayal. More about business.

It’s how free agents roll. Shopping around for a new team. In a city to live his dream. Using a business mindset. To find new fans/believers. As a professional jetsetter. James needed a change. Good place for him to start. To empower his game. And not be stuck. In the same old same.

The reaction was brutal. But the decision was crucial. James wants to add championships. To the Miami Heat ownership. Can’t do it alone. Before he’s dead and gone. Looking to Wade and Bosh. To help create a winning combination. That might be the ticket. To a confetti celebration.

Will Lebron’s brand take a hit? Let’s hope Dan Gilbert’s gotten over his fit. True, James taking less money. Treated by supporters funny. But his brand has more options in diversity. As the NBA goes global. Miami’s filled with culture. Lots of Spanish, African and Caribbean folks around the corner.

So Lebron, don’t believe the hype. A career move is not a death sentence. Starting anew, whether young or old. Is not wishful thinking. You went from high school to the pros. Because you’ve got madd skills. Now going from the Cavs to the Heat. Hoping to win big. In your new pro team gig.

Tip: Success on and off the court takes teamwork to make your dream work. 

Talkback: Can the Cavs without Lebron win an NBA title before the Heat with Lebron?

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