George Steinbrenner Showed What Being “The Boss” is All About.

(Part 2) Empower Your Summer: Like The Pros Who Raise Their Game and Reach New Fame.

 Was Steinbrenner the boss fans loved to hate? Putting lots of expectation. On a manager’s plate. Derek Jeter might take issue. Saying ‘George, we’re gonna miss you.’ Team owner like no other. Close to some like a brother. Showing different sides of being the boss. Winning at all cost.

As seen in business. When working with the crew. Someone jumps ship. Or rattles workplace friendship. The boss steps in. Making sure no one’s teeth gets bashed in. Steinbrenner brought personality. And a media profile too. Loved by many. Occupying the limelight. With much scrutiny.

Maybe hated by others. When he was too pre-occupied. With his name in lights. The boss ran things. Hiring and firing day or night. But it’s his passion that made things run. Gotta love what you do. For dreams to come true. He had passion like sugar. Making the wins much sweeter.

Signing big money contracts. With players like A-rod. Scoring team-winning highlights. That’s fit for your ipod. Moving the Yankees from the lows in rank. To loads of money in the bank. Winning multiple pennants. Repeating as pro baseball champs. Now that’s a player’s paradise!

The boss had good days and bad. Sometimes got people mad. But he made the game better. For rookies under pressure. And rising star go-getters. Even those under-performers. Who would have been written-off as failures. Many will remember. How this boss changed their life forever.

Tip: A good boss or leader is one who earns your respect, for better or worse and even from worst to better.

Talkback: Was there a boss, mentor or peer in your career that changed your life forever?

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