Kevin Costner’s 26 Million Dollar Gamble is About to Payoff.

(Part 13) Layoffs, Makeovers & Comebacks: How Celebs Reinvent Their Careers – In 90 Days.

 Kevin Costner’s got the answer. To the BP oil spill disaster. Checkout his invention. That’s getting honorable mention. Used to separate oil from water. An idea inspired by Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska. Best known as a Hollywood actor. Reinventing himself for madd money now and ever-after.

Not trained as a scientist. But clearly an optimist. Thought there had to be a better way. To cleanup a spill on another day. Got together with some experts and business leaders. To build an ocean-skimming vacuum cleaner. Costner brought a dream mentality. Now set to deal with today’s reality.

Puts his dream into action. Developing a marketable ability. Into a hot commodity. Met with industry execs. Hoping to leave with a check. Got turned down time and time again. Persevering to the logical end. Selling safety might not be sexy. But a biz need is not always about being foxy.

Costner made his mark. Starring in lots of movies. Like Bodyguard with Whitney Houston. As well as touring with his band. Displays a balanced personality. Avoids getting caught up. With gossip and frivolity. Not known to make waves. Invention adds to his legacy. Between now and the grave.

He’s in the prime of his life. Don’t be fooled by his good looks, says his wife. As a youngster he spent time in the books. Earned a business degree before acting became his hook. Movies might be how we know his name. But that’s not the only thing he hopes his tombstone will claim.

Hip Tip: Reinventing your career means taking a chance on success, knowing that a market need is not always about being sexy.

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