Curtis Jackson Makes More Than “50 Cent” in Market Sales.

(Part 12) Layoffs, Makeovers & Comebacks: How Celebs Reinvent Their Careers – In 90 Days.

 Lucky to be alive? The story of Curtis 50 Cent Jackson. Growing up fast. With violence in his past. A hard life. Filled with strife. Running the streets. Dropping rap beats. Taking it to the big screen. Losing 50+ pounds, looking lean. For “Things Fall Apart” movie. Reinvents his story. From pain to glory.

Some crash and burn. Others live and learn. When things fall apart. Due to layoff or setback. A financial cutback. Take an inside look. For what makes you cook. All about a makeover. A personal takeover. Getting command of self. Simplify your life. Celebs diet to lose weight. Taking steps to be great.

Spread your wings. Branch out to new things. Go where you’ve never been. Failure not an option nor a sin. Initial success is in how you try. Continued success is in how you diversify. Expand your brand. Deal the perfect hand. Make your talents grow. Rock steady, get in the flow. 

Trends come and go. The market goes up and down. But skill captures what you know. Lets your experience show. Quit your day job. Not enough honey in your money. Leave your play job. If your money is funny. Find your dream job. To satisfy your 9-to-5 calling. Where passion keeps you smiling.

When one door closes. Another soon appears. Put patience into practice. Perseverance on notice. Tell yourself “you got this.” Experience workplace bliss. A new you starts with being true. To what matters most. The best you comes through. Even when others thought you were toast.

Hip Tip: Reinventing your career means taking a stand for what makes you happy and leaving behind what makes you blue.

Blog Talkback: Will the weight loss of 50 Cent inspire some people to do the same or push others to reinvent their game?

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