Sarah Palin’s Cashing in On Her Extended 15 Minutes.

(Part 11) Layoffs, Makeovers & Comebacks: How Celebs Reinvent Their Careers – In 90 Days.

 Boobgate! The latest Palin buzz. No change in bust-line. But women are making strides. On the party-line. Winning election primaries. Running Fortune 500 companies. Breaking the glass ceiling. Working with the right stuff. Reinventing their game to new fame. Maybe they’ve had enough.

Meg Whitman makes millions. As Ebay CEO. Spends her own money. In a bid for Governor. Carly Fiorina does the same. Using her cred. As former HP head. With a run for US Senate. Hoping voters will remember. Between now and November. They are political outsiders. Not incumbent insiders.

Sick and tired of the boss? Wish he’d get lost? Maxed out in pay. No passion at work today. Starting over after a layoff. Hoping the job search will payoff. Celebs find a new point of sale. Where cash and flow come together. Moving to a new place of service. Earning new rank or status. 

Gotta spend money to make money. That’s how some ideas takeoff. Or dreams make a jumpoff. But even if your money’s funny. Reposition your skills. It can bring new celebrity. Be about something bigger. Than simply getting richer. Step aside from feeling envy. See success in your legacy.

The pundits are excited. For what to expect on the political horizon. Been here before. Time will settle the score. A career makeover means “do you” part 2. Turn up the heat. Take it to the streets. Go from actor to politician. Pro athlete to sports analyst. Regular Joe to CEO. Or CEO to political honcho.

Hip Tip: Reinventing your career means turning “sick & tired” into fired-up and ready to go.

Blog Talkback: Will the November elections be about politics at its lowest or girl-power at its finest?

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