Janet Jackson Says Yes To New Streams Of Income.

(Part 6) Layoffs, Makeovers & Comebacks: How Celebs Reinvent Their Careers – In 90 Days.

 Janet Jackson tweets her respects. To the passing of Lena Horne. Whose artistry, beauty and strength. Will continue to live on. Are they similar? Both said yes. To grown and sexy streams of income. Had to reinvent themselves. From acting to singing to activism. Secrets to career longevity.

As seen in Hollywood. And the music business. Careers can take a hit. Is Janet no longer releasing albums? Thinks the marketplace has changed. Prefers singles instead. It’s the itunes way. Doing more acting. Sort of a rewind. To her 227 sitcom days. Long-time love. But Perry Studios paycheck.

Dancing her way to success. J-lo the Latina Diva. And big screen Chica. She’s had to relearn a thing or two. About showcasing her roots. Doing-it-up contemporary. Living-it-up musically. With the release of hot soundtracks. Movies and beats with impact. For dancers and romancers. 

Hats off to Victoria Rowell. Taking a page from the Young and Restless. A former foster child herself. Now telling the story. Of moving her life to higher glory. Shows there’s still room to roll. Even after life’s taken its toll. Giving thanks for another day. As they reintroduce themselves. In a new and fresh way.

Lena Horne’s gone. But not to be forgotten. From her years as an entertainer. Actress, Singer and Activist. New York’s Cotton Club at age 16. To the March on Washington in 1963. So reinvent yourself, or else. To stay in demand. Horne’s a good example. For those following her lead.

Hip Tip: Reinventing your career means getting back to your roots to start new money-making shoots.

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