William Shatner Makes Money Selling The Best Price.

(Part 5) Layoffs, Makeovers & Comebacks: How Celebs Reinvent Their Careers – In 90 Days.

 Where are they now? Long time heartthrobs and sex symbols. Starring with lynn Redgrave and Elizabeth Taylor. Even as a crime fighting duo. Now they’re product pitchmen. Paul Michael Glaser from Starsky & Hutch. William Shatner and Denzel Washington. Alter-ego makeovers?

Athletes go from draft to mvp. Developing their game. Growing in fame. Becoming a household name. Working professionals go from job to career. From career to vocation. Making money. Having esteem. In the ideal occupation. Where passion and purpose come together. For the right situation.

Hollywood studs like Robert Wagner. Reinventing themselves. Just goes to show. Careers can have a second life. Sometimes actors get a new wife. Happens on the big screen. Falling for a beauty queen. Returning in a sequel. Retelling their story. With better results. Truly sensational!

One-time TV/movie hunks. Still showing some spunk. Star Trek’s Shatner selling flights. Starsky solving debt consolidation. Denzel on Broadway. Wagner selling reverse mortgages. The perfect career substitute. It’s how some celebs make a later start.

Writing their biography. Reliving some old glory. Supporting Oprah’s Angel Network. Harnessing their net worth. The prime years have come and gone. But not forgotten. The Pope strives for Sainthood. Celebs use their foundations to do good. All in a career’s journey. A timeless lifestory.

Hip Tip: Reinventing your career means letting your alter-ego rise like an eagle.

Blog Talkback: Would you still support your favorite celeb even if what they’re pitching doesn’t interest you?