Hip Hop Artist ‘TI’ Puts Money In The Bank.

(Part 7) Layoffs, Makeovers & Comebacks: How Celebs Reinvent Their Careers – In 90 Days.

 Give me a T. Give me an I. What’s that spell? TI, as in the rapper. Give me a T-I-G-E-R. As in the golfer. One’s from the ‘hood. One’s named Woods. Both played with fire. Now trying to go higher. TI leaves the lockup. Tiger gets the rehab hook-up. From boys to men. Wanting to shine again.

It’s what happens after a setback. For personal reasons. Or the end of an employment season. Gotta admit. There’s room for improvement. If you want to see career movement. TI takes responsibility. For losing his sensibility. Tiger owns up to cheating. After his popularity takes a beating.

What’s your bread and butter? Not talking about supper. But about that which makes you better. Than any other go-getter. Time to revisit. Be in it to win it. Let passion come alive. In your 9 to 5. TI returns to the studio. Tiger’s back on the course. Where love for life. Comes through most.

Selling records. Puts money in the bank. Winning championships. Raises a golfer’s rank. TI hopes to keep his nose clean. During and after probation. Tiger re-commits. To his faith and first love. A fresh career journey. Looks hard to do. But good karma. Makes dreams come true.

The horizon looks bright. Once you’ve seen the light. Wake up and live. There’s riches in how you give. Your best on and off the job. Turn learning power into earning power. Wrong attitude into a sense of gratitude. Remember, much props to Big G (o-d). Who gave you life for free. 

Hip Tip: Reinventing your career means finding new ways to shine like old times and living the best of times.

Blog Talkback: Everybody deserves a second chance, so how should TI or Tiger use theirs to make a difference?