Music Superstar Sade Nominated For Comeback Artist of The Year!

(Part 4) Layoffs, Makeovers & Comebacks: How Celebs Reinvent Their Careers – In 90 Days.

 Let’s vote! For comeback artist of the year. Nominees are: Sade, Maxwell, Monica, Miley Cyrus. And the winner is? Hold that thought. Even a reality show’s in the making. To help singing groups. Return to top billing. Still able to make hits? Cheers after a career sabbatical. Here’s to new and improved.

As seen on TV. With a product release. In a new package or scent. Fresh commercial appeal. Keeping it real. A lot of soul-searching. In the process of reinventing. Products get made-over. Careers start over. Artists pursue a do-over. Finding who you are. Helps you go far.

Switching careers. Spreading your wings. Taking a step back. Get a handle on things. Knowing what you want. To get out of life. Puts you on a path. For having the last laugh. Spending time in knowledge-building. Returning to college as an evening student. One semester at a time.

Have to figure out. Where you belong. Time passes and styles change. Gunning for a new salary range. All about market positioning. Lots of competition. From peers and younger performers. Maybe it’s time. To sell yourself differently. Less as an overachiever. More as an overcomer.

So Sade’s still hot. Maxwell helps you hit the spot. Monica’s back in the groove. Miley Cyrus makes a big screen move. Shaking off Hannah Montana linkage. For more of a grown and sexy image. Reinventing your game. Going from rookie to celebrity acclaim. Rising star to winner by far.

Hip Tip: Reinventing your career means turning a letdown, layoff or sabbatical into a fresh start from the heart.

Blog Talkback: Old-school vs. New-school. Throwback vs. Neo-soul. Does a new music artist appeal to you more than one who’s “new and improved?”

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