Conan Obrien’s The New Latenight Ka-Ching King?

(Part 3) Layoffs, Makeovers & Comebacks: How Celebs Reinvent Their Careers – In 90 Days

 40 million dollars! And a bottle of rum. Maybe champagne. To celebrate his new gig. With TBS. After leaving NBC. For the return of Leno. Something old. Something new. On the latenight tube. Obrien had time to vent. Now he’ll reinvent. Moving to cable. Thinking outside the “Network TV” box.

He’s breaking new ground. With competition all around. After being let go. Wants the world to know. Hasn’t lost his mojo. Lessons in career makeover. Or business rollover. Gotta brand your skills. Not about the money. What do you bring? To the marketplace or business space.

Sure, the money’s good. Obrien signs for 10 mil. Owns the copyrights. Good for merchandising. Given full creative freedom. To do his thing. FOX made a pitch. Talks ran into a hitch. Obrien went with cable. To niche his strengths. And build his media stable. TNT knows drama. But TBS… Very Funny

Reaching a younger audience. Advertising’s dollars and cents. Sending out tweets. Hearing back from his peeps. Lopez moves back an hour. TBS the next latenight power? Obrien’s gotten past the flack. NBC no longer on his back. A comedy tag-team. Not a get rich money stream.

The new Conan show. Not yet named. But a refresh to his game. He’s on the road. With standup comedy show. Returning to TV screen. Come November making more green. How dreams are made. Careers get paid. Winners make the grade. Only time will tell. If Obrien’s King of the trade.

Hip Tip: Reinventing your career means thinking outside the box and taking back your future.

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