‘Getting Paid’ To The Next Level.

daddy-daughter09 Can you name two popular radio jocks? Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Smart start. Then there’s Tom Joyner and Michael Baisden. These guys have a lot to say. Good examples of taking it to the next level. What’s their story? They can tell it best. But here’s a quick scoop.

Joyner became known as the fly jock. By doing a Dallas morning show. Then flying to Chicago same day. To host an afternoon show. Baisden started out on Sunday nights. Before landing afternoon drive in New York. Both went from niche content to national audience. Local market to broadcast networks.

Career or biz to the next level. What to do? Become a sponge. Learn everything you can. Master the fundamentals. Execute your plan. Go upscale. By reinventing yourself. Brand your identity. Or identify with a brand. Widen your influence. Supersize your value. Maxing the fun. Making a difference.

When ‘big G’ pulls the trigger. Get ready to go bigger. There’s no magic bullet. No one formula. For climbing the ladder. Or how long it takes. Sometimes a few semesters. Before the diploma. Three trimesters. Before child birth. A season before blowing up. It’s how hurricanes get named. And careers get famed.

Starts out on a roll. Spins around from sun-up to sundown. Follows a certain track. Then steps up the pace. Makes up ground. After a while has a name. That separates it from one and the same. National attention, it’s in the news. And not before long makes history. For impacting life’s rhythm and blues.


Hip Tip: The road to the top can have steep hills, sharp turns, sudden detours and bad weather along the way.


Blog Talkback. In going to the next level, what do successful people take with them? And what do they leave behind?

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