Starting a Business Makes You Bilingual.

daddy-daughter09 Guess who’s going digital? Now that they’ve teamed up with Ebay. An unlikely bond? Maybe GM sees a bigger universe. They’re adding web venues. Putting dealers and customers on notice. Launching a new sales profile. Starting a biz or partnership is like learning a new language.

GM continues to reinvent itself. Broadening its base. Narrowing its brands. Marketing a new game. Why this? Or why now? Changing demographics. The Internet is a growing cash cow. Milk is white but money is green. No matter who’s buying. So GMs following market-wise economics.

Business is bilingual. In customers and sales appeal. People respond differently. Some buy the product. The company. The brand recognition. How to connect? Know what works. Based on the difference between buyers and supporters. All buyers are supporters. But not all supporters are buyers.

Network for sure. Volunteer in another enterprise. As a board member. Or part of a mastermind group. Work with someone new. That could be the next breakthrough. Not every business idea is yours to keep. Sometimes it’s to share. Maybe even give away. It comes back to you with boomerang returns.

 Know how to speak profit & loss. Do the job. Understand the business. Fire-proof your career. Step outside your comfort zone. Try new things. Learn from the experts. Get to know the lingo. It’s a great feeling to see things come together. That started out as an infant idea. And flows like a complete sentence.


Hip Tip: Success with a new language, business or assignment is in knowing the lingo.


Blog Talkback: In starting a business which comes first? Chicken or egg? Hobby or hustle?

One thought on “Starting a Business Makes You Bilingual.

  1. Good thoughts, Understanding of business is vital thing for businessmen. Get this ebook for exploring business things and cashing your ideas.

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