Don’t Stop Chasing Your Dream.

daddy-daughter09 The NFL’s set to kickoff. New season starts soon. The headliners? Tim McGraw and Black Eyed Peas. Oprah also good to go. Season premiere to feature Whitney Houston. Who’s got a comeback album. That’s sure to be a hit. Houston keeps on keeping on. And chasing her dream. What might she say?

Just have to follow the money. Hold up! Thought the love of money’s the root of evil? Yup. But following the money is not. Job seekers have a salary in mind. Businesses see cash flow as lifeblood. Both know money is not the end all. But think and grow rich is a priceless option.

Know when things took a bad swing? Ask Michael Vick. Fans hope to see him play. Others following the rookies. Winners follow the draft. Could be a Quarterback or a runner’s back. A media personality or grassroots project. Like driving behind a Mac truck. Wind resistance is reduced.

What “it” makes you click? Shine? Unstoppable? Movers and shakers follow their “it-factor.” The it-factor of a dog could be its bark. Or bite. More bounce to the ounce for a runway model. Smarts of a whiz kid. Lyrics that rock for a songwriter. It’s all about being in the groove.

Chasing the dream. Young or old. Barbra Streisand shows. Even in her late 60s. “Here’s to life.” The debut single on her new album. The words from a Parade Magazine article. “I still believe in chasing dreams. And taking bets. So give it all you’ve got. Hungry still…to see down another road.”


Hip Tip: Dreams aren’t built in a day. It takes planning your work and working your plan.

Blog Talkback: Chasing skirts or chasing dreams. Does success seem to come easy for some people? But a struggle for others? Who’s more likely to blow it?

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