Reinvent Yourself: Old-school + New-school = A Hit

daddy-daughter09 The word is out. 100 years in the making. GM executives are getting jiggy with it. Retooling auto plants. Repositioning brands. Restarting engines. Reinventing business. Is it going to be a hit? Fitting question for Detroit. The Motown city. What’s the plan? Adding old-school and new-school to the mix.

Here’s how. Meet John Farmer. Grandson of sharecroppers. A country boy. Experienced with reinventing the farm. John works in seasons. Winter for tool sharpening. Spring for planting. Summer for nurturing. Fall for the harvest. Farmer says it’s a process. A reason for each season. A purpose and a point. A lesson behind the stressin’. Even Michelle Obama and the White House Chefs know old-school.

Here’s new school. GM launches a new beginning. The process started with bankruptcy. A kinda tool sharpening. They’re getting down to work. Customer and company are priority. The jury is still out on the results. GM is entering a new season of business. Their purpose is under review. What have they learned so far? You’re never too big to fail. You’re never too small to be great.

What does this mean as you reinvent your game? There’s nothing wrong with starting over. See it as a new season in your career/business. Build around purpose. It’s the reason why for enduring anyhow. And the point of it all? Go to the next level. Grow your success. Make a living. Live your making. See a difference.

The new you becomes a sure hit. Old-school plus new-school. Outdated to updated. Frustrated to fulfilled. Get jiggy with it. Add more rhythm and rhyme. More style and substance. Bring it. Live it. That’s right. “It’s all good” says John Farmer. Good for GM. For Joe Urban and Jane City. And for Suburban dealers and drivers everywhere.

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