Working on a Dream.

daddy-daughter09 Coldplay and Jay-Z performed at the Grammys. Together! Who would have put these two on the same stage? Let’s not kid ourselves. It wasn’t really a match made in heaven. They did their thing and a few people cheered. Not sure we’ll ever see this on Youtube. But there’s something here we can work with.


How about Lil Wayne and Bruce Springsteen together? Can you dig that? One guy represents the ghetto while the other the Hills. Ok, it may be a stretch but they have a common story to tell. Both are recording artists, yes. Both are working on a dream, for sure. Lil Wayne’s coming from the ‘hood in New Orleans. He’s probably seen a thing or two. Springsteen Reinventing himself over the years. This says a lot of his longevity in the business.


In Lil Wayne’s pre-Grammy interview he described himself as Gangsta. I see where he’s coming from. But his work ethic helps explain his success. Working on a dream is not for the feint hearted. Even those as young as Lil Wayne or as old as Springsteen have a shot. It takes some attitude, fortitude and a proven formula.

  1. See it. 
  2. Build it.
  3. Sell it.
  4. Drink on it.

The life journey of Dr. Ben Carson was recently told in a made-for-TV movie. As a young man he remembered a story shared by his Pastor. It was about a Missionary Doctor who worked with the less fortunate. This stuck with Carson. He was not trying to grow up to be a Lil Wayne. Instead he wanted to become a Brain Surgeon. He saw himself through that story. Working on a dream involves visioning yourself. Vision helps to create your reality. Reality helps to mold your vision. Gradually your vision and reality merge into dream come true.


Some say Lil Wayne is more than a Gangsta. He’s a musical genius. He travels between events on two custom buses. One is his home on wheels. The other is his mobile studio. At any moment he can turn an idea into a hot track. He can build some new beats. It helps to have a scratch pad or a test track when working on your dream. You save yourself some public mistakes. You prove to yourself that the dream is doable. This way you can begin to build it as you see it.


 The first and toughest sell is to yourself. Self-talk can be a positive or a stumbling block. The best self-talk is the one that helps you sell your ideas. After you sell yourself (to yourself) you have to sell it to your target market. It’s harder to sell someone something if you don’t believe in yourself. So, I have a secret to tell. This blog is one way for you to eavesdrop on my sell.


 Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps was recently embarrassed by pictures of him smoking weed. No charges are being filed but he’s learned a lesson. It’s OK to celebrate your victories. There’s nothing wrong with having a drink on living your dreams. Just know that not everybody around you is for you. When you win have a party. Invite some friends (including me). Working on your dreams should include a time for work, for play and for hip hip hooray.


Living your dreams is a great way to pump new life into your workday. That’s because creativity shows you’ve got skillz. The results you produce show your creativity. This works no matter where you are on your dream journey. It’s like going through the seasons. Each year there’s Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. So it is with living your dreams. You see it, build it, sell it and drink on it. Then you start the cycle all over again. Hopefully each new season brings more success.

Music Soundtrack – “Flashback to the Max”

Play ‘Lifetime by Maxwell,’ track here

Play ‘At The Party by Maxwell,’ track here


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