The Love Of Your Life.


Happy Valentines Dad!

There’s a movie in the works and here’s a sneak peak. The title has not yet been decided. It will be called either Perfect Match or Perfect Affair. It’s a love story centered on the question “is the love of your life also the lust of your life?” This question seems tricky but it’s for real. So let’s talk about it. The movie might not fully answer the question. But it’s sure to stir up some passion.

It will be headlined by four internationally known actors. Their initials are H.C., W.C., M.B. and H.H.O. Without giving away much more let’s just say they are veterans in the business. The characters they play are not unlike typical male-female relationships. There’s love, lust and a little Levitra for those suffering from equipment dysfunction. Some need a front-end lifter.

 These actors were chosen because of their past roles in the Soaps. Take for example H.H.O. who’s sometimes called Mr. Flow. His role shows that communication is key in any relationship. This character was once a playa and abuser but now teaches the ropes of relationships. He now realizes that “to argue is to compete while to communicate is to understand.” He shows how communication is important for a healthy relationship with your mate.


Then there’s M.B. who plays the role of a Corporate Executive making big money. His job includes extensive travel. His clients are some of the who’s who in sports and entertainment. His friends are among the best and the brightest. His wife is a stay-at-home Mom taking care of three young children. The turning point in his relationship was when he became very ill. His wife took on the role of night nurse. Being helpless forced him to begin seeing her as his equal and not his gofer.


His wife whose initials are W.C. (she kept her maiden name) is a strong woman. Because she is a homemaker doesn’t mean she is a slouch. Here’s a woman who did everything around the house and home. She sometimes found this to be a thankless role. Even so, she did a marvelous job of managing the household while her man was down and out. Her role is getting couples to share the load and thereby deepen the love. She believes there’s a difference between running the household and keeping the household running.


Not to be taken lightly is the role of sex in the movie. That’s where H.C. (aka Sweetie) comes in.  What’s a love story without a good love scene? Some women like to use sex as an emotional weapon. They hoard up the lovin’ to get their man to act right. Some men like to use it as an ego-driven scorecard. Basically thinking the more the merrier. The point that H.C. tries to make in the movie is that sex is more than just an event-filler. It should be seen as a fulfiller.

This movie could be headlined by anyone who’s seen the ups and downs of a relationship. We picked these characters because of their experience and commitment. If your relationship is the perfect match then it probably was love at first sight. If it was lust at first sight then maybe it’s the perfect affair. No matter where you start out, it can still have a good, long ending. Just be sure to invite Hot Chocolate (Sweetie), Whip Cream, Marshmallow Balls and Some H(2)O to the party. Happy Valentines!

Music Soundtrack – Lover’s Rock “Double-Play”

Play ‘Roses by Mary J. Blige,’ track here

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