Your Dream, My Dream, Dr. King’s Dream.

daddy-daughter2 What do Dr. King’s dream and American Idol have in common? You will arrive at the answer in a minute. Over 40 years ago Dr. King echoed the words “I have a Dream!” He went on to say that it’s a dream deeply rooted in the American Dream. That sounds all nice and uplifting but what did Dr. King mean then and how do those words play out today?


Most people can relate to the ideals of the American Dream. For some people, it’s about going from nothing to something, from rags to riches. It’s the idea of making a living and living your making, by doing whatever you like. Dr. King’s powerful words remind us that America is the land of opportunity. The power of his words was rooted in your dream and in my dream.


So how do you know what is your dream? How do you build a business around your dream and build that dream around your business? How do you connect the dots of your dream? Well, here are a few suggestions for marking the dot and hitting the spot in living you dreams.


1.     Your Work-life


2.     Your Friends & Family


3.     Your Self


4.     Your God


Caution: this is not my attempt to brag but instead to testify as a ‘living your dreams’ witness. Back in the mid 90s I received feedback on my job that proved life-changing. It wasn’t really new information as much as it was new attention. This aha moment was a turning point because it put a spotlight on my hidden passion and untapped potential. If there is a job or personal experience from your past that keeps coming back at you then maybe that’s your dream waiting to blast off.


The feedback caused me to poll my friends and peers. I wanted to know how they would describe me. Their comments hinted that I was already doing for free what I now do and get paid. Whether it’s working with your hands, your mind or your heart, what your friends tell you can be further fuel for taking the dream journey. Listen to those who know you well or work closely with you. But be careful of the dream-busters and dream stealers.


As I began a career makeover I was inspired to answer this question, “Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?” Back in the late ‘60s the Executives at Sony sat around a table and asked the same question about their product line. After long discussions they arrived at the invention of the Sony Walkman. They concluded that this device would be a hot item for the increasingly mobile consumer. The Walkman has since made its mark, made the company millions and died. If that question was good enough for Sony then it was good enough for me. It has helped to focus my business in the areas of speaking and training, publishing and broadcast radio. These are the areas I hope to make my mark while I yet have life.


I must confess that I also went to a Higher Power which played out something like this, “Hey Big G, what’s the reason you made me?” The response was sort of like this, “Son, I made you and your fellow humans a little lower than Angel status. I also gave everyone three human attributes that make you uniquely unstoppable. Your Calling is how you make Big G look good. Your Purpose is how you serve some earthly good. Your Passion is how you “do you” where someone might say… man, you’re good! In other words it’s all good, so stick with Big G and I’ll reveal all three!”


After trying out my ideas and jump-starting my dream I was ready to leave my full-time job as a Computer Engineer to pursue my dream full-time. This wasn’t easy as in one sense I was going from hero to zero. How did I know it was time?  Some kind of confirmation or validation helps. Have you ever been to an event where parking is free once you get the ticket stamped at the front desk or by someone in authority? Well, once Big G provides the revelation the rest is up to you. Along the way you will receive feedback from your life’s journey to be used for connecting the dots. The validation you receive from Big G, the marketplace, peers, friends and family provides a free pass for letting your dreams live.




You may have noticed that Oprah has recently become more public about her struggles with weight. Many of us on the dream journey have to work tirelessly through various struggles as well, including rejection burnout. Any successful dreamer will tell you about the series of No’s they had to overcome on the way to the defining YES! One take-away from Oprah is, “perfect we’re not and perfect we will never be. We’re all just on the road to perfection that is not available in this life.”



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