Running Your Business or Career Like a Celebrity Chef.

daddy-daughter2 “Welcome back from the Holidays and thanks for tuning into today’s segment of Cooking with Doc, with your host Chef Boyar-D-O-C. Today we’ll be cooking up a special Island recipe that can be used to prepare Jerk Chicken, Pork, Shrimp and maybe even Goat…” That might sound like a great intro for a new TV show, but it’s just my imagination. However, it’s a good place to start talking about running your business or career like a Celebrity Chef.


Not long ago while TV Channel surfing I stumbled on a show where the host was sharing tips on preparing a certain holiday meal. The Chef (along with his assistant) was working with a four-burner commercial-grade stove. He started out by working on the meal with one pot on the stove. As he got going another pot was added on the stove until eventually all burners were fired-up.


I don’t envision being up to commercial-grade standard as a Chef any time soon. But I was inspired by the Cooking Show. As you position your career or business for the next level of success it makes sense to turn up the heat in the following areas:

1.     Mindset


2.     Method


3.     Motivation


4.     Money


If you’ve been following the News you’re probably aware of the plight of the Big Three US Automakers. Some wonder whether they’re going to make it through these tough economic times. The concern that many industry critics have is whether the Senior Executives are operating with the right mindset or are they simply out of touch. This might then raise the question, “do we have the right mindset to live our dreams or to follow through on our resolutions?”


As a former Software Engineer I can tell you that there was a way of doing things. Not that everybody’s way was the same but there was a methodology to be followed. This was necessary to help minimize errors. This was done to help streamline the product’s development. This was a must so that there was a system in place. As you turn up the heat this year make sure there is a method to your madness in order to move closer and closer to your greatness.


Everybody needs love some time and everybody needs a little motivation as well. Maybe next time I can share more about how I stay motivated but for right now this is not about me. There are many tried and true ways to stay motivated but one of the best is to continually provide excellent service to your boss, clients, customers or loved ones. This will help to put a feather in your cap and as a bonus might turn into a pay raise, increasing revenue stream or even a strong personal/professional connection.


Money makes the world go ’round, that’s what they tell me. We need not live and die by money but we need to position our skills, talents and abilities, products, services and personalities in a way that returns maximum market value. You can choose initially to focus on mindset or method or motivation or money in your preferred order. But once you turn up the heat and things get cookin’ in all areas, others will feel your passion, be blessed by your flava and as you do more of what you love, the money will follow.

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