Rihanna & Dwyane Wade on How to Jump on Your Dreams No Matter How Shaky or Far-fetched It Seems


NBCs The Voice is back with a new celebrity judge. Nick Jonas is the new ‘kid-in-the-spinning-chair’ on the show. As happened when John Legend first joined the crew, Jonas is getting a taste of being the newbie of the bunch. As with anything we do in career or biz, he’s still getting the hang of things.

They’re looking at coaching the next crop of budding singers on the show. Rumor has it that Rihanna was also recruiting for her upcoming album. For those looking to collab, they had to do an audition to get her approval. She’s been in the game a long time, so chances are she knows what it takes to catch fire.

Rihanna made a rare Awards Show stop recently and had some inspiring words to share. Meantime, Dwyane Wade packed-up his sneaks and is focused on other things that tap into his passion. The Miami Heat had a big jersey-retirement celebration where he thanked friends, family and fans for the good times.


While Rihanna was telling folks that they need to ‘pull up’ to make a change on social issues, Wade’s documentary caused many to ‘tear up’ because of the rough road his career has traveled. He’s seen many a moment of struggle, pressure and pain during early childhood and family challenges.

Wade’s gone from baller to brander with his many biz ventures. For Rihanna, her career isn’t limited to just music. She’s become a fashion icon and philanthropist in her own right. Their take on how to jump on your dreams no matter how shaky or far-fetched it seems, starts with looking for that:

  1. Bright spot

His was on the court, hers was on the stage. For others it might be an idea or a feeling that turns an interest into a growing desire. For Wade, basketball became a bright spot as a relief from something. For Rihanna her bright spot was to release something through singing.

  1. Deeper purpose

When Wade found out he’d be a young father he was worried it would ruin his career. After a sit-down chat with his college coach he was able to gather himself, regroup and fast-track his game. Basketball wasn’t just about hitting shots and winning games, his situation called for greater intentions.


  1. Imagination shift

These days fans are awaiting the next album from Rihanna. Let’s just say it’s long overdue. But in the meantime, it’s almost as if she’s gone through an imagination shift in how she sees her career. She’s building a fashion brand, broadening her social impact and challenging industry players.

  1. Inspired action

In accepting her award recently, she made a resounding ‘call to action.’ Whether with professional dreams or social change, she understands that more can be achieved as a force for good when we’re taking steps of inspired action. It’s a kinda game-changing message that she’s bringing to the culture.

Wade’s documentary showed his journey as ‘life unexpected.’ Rihanna’s award celebration showed her journey being socially connected. Their stories echo the words of Mayo Angelou who said “A person is the product of their dreams. So make sure to dream great dreams. And then try to live your dreams.”

Tip: People who ‘jump on their dreams’ will use a deeper purpose to turn a bright spot of an idea into inspired action and an imagination shift into greater traction.

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Tracks: Justin Bieber ft Quavo – Intentions – https://youtu.be/9p2wMpVVtXg

T.I. Ft Justin Timberlake – Dead & Gone – https://youtu.be/6mEx9FtuN0k

Justin Bieber & Drew Barrymore ‘Purpose’ Projects Move Performance to ‘Best Ever’ Yet – #BigTimeUniversity

This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

Justin Bieber says he’s in a new space. Drew Barrymore can relate. Last month Barrymore released the book Wildflower full of essays on her childhood. This month Bieber released his fourth album. Her book and his album are like ‘purpose’ projects for moving performance from ‘back then’ to ‘best ever’ yet!

Bieber in his ‘rebirth’ tells Billboard Magazine “It’s hard to make meaningful songs that make you want to dance because it can come off cheesy…I want my music to be inspiring.” He and Barrymore realize that as purpose flows in the veins of your project, work performance rocks to the beat of a different drummer.

The buzz is out on the album especially after he released 13 videos on Friday November 13th. His new music shows us how beat and bounce that come with ‘Purpose’ brings a new voice. This bigger voice has given his music passions a new stride and pop culture style. So purpose can dress things up differently.

His rebound is also about learning from past mistakes and moving forward in grace. The music has a new vibe that brings ‘swizzle’ which is like adding soul with your sizzle. Maybe he’s seen a caterpillar transform into a butterfly so he’s using purpose for achieving new breakaway highs to feeling blessed.

Bieber’s working on a mega world tour. Barrymore’s spreading her wings further. It’s as if with purpose in the mix comes new vision for getting past fears and leading fans to shift gears. They know whether in a butterfly, a flower or your wildest dreams, if purpose gets all up in it there’re more chances to shine.

Groove-Track: Jill Scott – ‘Blessed’ – https://youtu.be/jXeXV0vgrtY

Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Bieber says he’s in a new space. Drew Barrymore knows that place. She released book Wildflower last month. Full of childhood essays without the front. Bieber drops fourth album project. Filled with electric sounds and nugget. Using ‘Purpose’ to take a bet. Going from ‘back then’ to ‘best ever’ yet.

His rebirth fully on the way. Tells Billboard the music has something to say. Hard to make meaningful songs that pop. Can come off cheesy next to Hip-Hop. Wants music to inspire hope. Not only having tracks that’s dope. They realize as purpose flows in veins. Performance rocks to different drummer reins.

Buzz is out from on-air studio. Especially after November 13th video. New music shows how beat and bounce. Comes flowing with purpose ounce by ounce. A bigger voice in passion and stride. Grown-up flair that’s wicked and wild. So purpose can dress things up in its own style.

His rebound also about learning. From past mistakes and juvenile yearning. Music with a new vibe and ‘swizzle.’ By adding soul with the sizzle. As seen in caterpillar that transforms. Into butterfly and new norms. Using purpose for a new breakaway. And feeling blessed about life every day.

Bieber working on mega world tour. Hopes to pull the rich and help the poor. While Barrymore’s spreading her wings and allure. Purpose gives new vision for getting past fears. And watching global fans shift gears. Whether butterfly, flower or wildest dreams. When purpose up in it lots more happy screams.


Tip: When purpose is all up in your thrill it brings new opportunities to rock, shine a light and chill.

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Groove-Tracks: Kelly Clarkson – “Breakaway” – https://youtu.be/c-3vPxKdj6o

Taylor Swift – ‘Wildest Dreams’ – https://youtu.be/IdneKLhsWOQ

This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST