Willie Geist, Abby Wambach & Diddy: Showing Us What It’s Like to turn Dreams into Golden Moments

It’s another fall day in the Northeast with the color-spectrum of leaves. This time of the year has some of the best views of the foliage. Then, not long from now we’ll be trying to get through snow, sleet and freezing rain. But just before that, folks are getting ready for a few other harvest-time traditions.

In NYC excitement is building for the return of the Marathon. It was suspended last year due to Covid. Now, athletes from far and wide and getting ready to run their hearts out. The event stats are just crazy. Over 30K runners from 140 countries set to run a 26.2 mile stretch. And yes, some celebrities too.

With this the 50th anniversary, there’s buzz to go along with the carbs. Willie Geist from NBC News is in it for the first time. Abby Wambach, soccer Olympic gold medalist and FIFA World Cup champ as well. Hip-Hop Icon Diddy (LOVE) did it in 2003. Even a runner who was there for the first one is set to run this one.

The event is like a tour of the five boroughs of NYC, starting in Staten Island and ending in Manhattan. The starting line-up will include pros as long-distance runners. For some it’s become like a walk in the park. There’ll also be folks like friends and neighbors who see this as a crowning moment of sorts.

The collective experience has great lessons for participants and onlookers. Some have recovered from a life-altering situation and see this event as a coming-out party. For many more no matter their professional station or social status in life, it’s a show of strength, inspiration and determination through:    

  • Training

While running is a basic physical activity, only a fool would show-up to run a marathon without the training. To go from start to finish takes having put-in the work of running miles and miles each day. In other words, they gotta do more than break-a-sweat, they gotta break the mold, fear and pain in stages.  

  • Tribute

Part of the incentive is in doing something that seemed like a stretch. If you’ve never run a mile non-stop, how ya gonna pull-off running more extra miles? For some, the inspiration is in paying tribute to a family member, friend or lost loved-one as appreciation for the personal connection. Geist is doing it for his dad.

  • Fundraiser

Often in the case of celebrities, they’re doing it as a fundraiser for a cause. Before we had online crowdfunding, there were sponsor sheets that folks would get friends and family to fill-out a donation. They’ll sponsor a certain amount for each lap or mile or mountain peak achievement you get to reach.         

  • Crowd-pleaser

Even on cold days, fans will hang for hours along the course to wave, cheer and catch the thrill. It’s the kind of crowd-pleaser that doesn’t cost much but brings a lot of heartfelt returns. Just think about the feeling a runner has at the finish line, after hearing friends and family scream their name along the way.    

The night before the race is when runners get to load-up on carbs. This way they’ll have the energy to take them through the finish. No matter a runner’s age, ability or reason, the experience reminds us all of what it takes to turn dreams into golden moments. You gotta run, run, run with vision and purpose.

Tip: To turn dreams into golden moments no matter your age, sex, ability or nationality, you gotta start somewhere and then run run run with vision and purpose to the finish line.

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Serena Williams Left South-Central & Jill Ellis left Geek-Central to realize their Dreams – #WUWECAST

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

Girl power is in the air (maybe even the water). First it was the women’s soccer team’s NYC parade. Then it was Serena Williams winning her sixth Wimbledon title. In both cases there was history made. So imagine Serena Williams left south-central and Jill Ellis left geek-central to realize their career dreams.

Williams has won all the major tournaments so far this year. After the match she said “At the beginning of the year, this is the one I really wanted to win. So that was the first thing and the main thing on my mind.” Those words might also ring true for U.S. women’s soccer coach Jill Ellis in winning the World Cup.

At age fourteen Ellis moved to the U.S. from England and with that saw a sort of professional reset. She earned technical writing degrees but her love for soccer pulled her from Corporate America back into the sport. Williams made her own moves leaving Compton for a better life similar to that in the Hamptons.

Their dream, as with others, is like a remix of ‘how cool is hot and hot is cool.’ It takes branding your main strengths to be hot. But it takes flexing your alter-ego to be cool. Ellis moved past her ‘geekness’ into soccer greatness. Williams flexed her on-court passion and was later featured in chic ‘red carpet’ fashion.

Their journeys are different but their goal’s the same. Along the way they had to refresh their game and groove. Williams says she’s been doing more dancing as part of her overall workout. For Ellis it was about a shift in strategy during the quarterfinals. She made some changes to the ‘team starter’ playlist.

At the City Hall ceremony Abby Wambach said, “In my opinion, all the women up on this stage believed in that dream, kept believing in that dream.” In a sense, career dreams don’t lie, they burn. They get burned into our brains and storylines. They can get rekindled by a parade and by not letting the dream fade.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Girl power in the air. In water and upper atmosphere. First women’s soccer in NYC parade. Then Serena Williams winning and getting paid. For both there was history made. Sixth Wimbledon title and World Cup trade. Imagine Serena left behind south-central. Her and Jill Ellis realize dreams beyond geek-central.

Winning all tennis majors so far. Enough money to buy friend and fam a car. After match saying this she wanted to win. Main thing on her mind so stick a pin. Words might ring true for Jill Ellis today. As women’s coach they came ready to play. Williams and Ellis took home the prize. More to come as their stars rise.

At fourteen Ellis left England home. Headed to U.S. instead of Rome. A professional reset in her track. Which meant no more turning back. Earned tech writing degrees in college. But left Corporate America for her soccer knowledge. Williams made moves from Compton. A Better life like those in the Hamptons.

Their dream like remix in a way. ‘How cool is hot and hot is cool’ if you may. Takes branding your main thing to be hot. But flexing alter-ego to earn cool spot. Ellis moved past her stroke of ‘geekness.’ Into the world of soccer greatness. Williams flexed her on-court passion. And featured chic ‘red-carpet’ fashion.

Their journeys different in sport and name. But their goal a not too distant same. Had to refresh their game and groove. As seen in their breakout move. Williams adds dance to her workout. Ellis more about a strategy blowout. Made changes to ‘team starter’ playlist. Giving fans every reason to pump their fist.

City Hall ceremony made news. With Abby Wambach sharing her views. “All the women on this stage kept believing that dream.” It’s no accident they jelled as a team. Maybe career dreams don’t lie, they burn. In our brains and a storyline turn.  Can get rekindled by a parade. And by not letting the dream fade.


Tip: Sometimes career dreams are about building your strengths as well as flexing your alter-ego muscle.
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@CarliLloyd Brought Her ‘It-Factor’ to the Game on the Soccer World Stage – #WUWECAST

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

So who’s up for a parade? That’s the breaking news from the office of NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio. He was approached by another elected official with the idea. It will be the first for honoring a women’s team. How fitting that’ll be since NJs Carli Lloyd brought her ‘it-factor’ to the soccer world stage.

Head coach Jill Ellis said, “I’m so happy for them, so happy for every little girl who dreams about this.” The looks on their faces said a lot about the game. It also mirrored ‘happiness in the workplace’ as a flashback to the playground. What you bring to the game is what you celebrate at the party.

Lloyd said she was on a mission for the team. She’s been developing her talent even before she played for Rutgers. Her former coach and those on her club team remember times where she was fierce. Her happiness on the field (like that on a job) rises by turning talent into skill and training into expertise.

The U.S. women’s team was often called a 23-player squad. That’s not just about numbers but also synergy. There was a balance of old-timers and newbies. Lloyd’s ‘it-factor’ was more than talent but also her sense of teamwork. As a player she scored three goals and as captain she shared the spotlight.

Lots of history was made in the game with Lloyd racking-up a few. The happiness she first spoke of was how surreal the moment. It’s not a feeling you fight but one that lets you float on cloud nine. What that says about ‘it-factor’ is her having the midas touch in skill, chemistry and screams from cheering fans.

Groove-Track: Pharrell Williams – ‘Happy’ – https://youtu.be/y6Sxv-sUYtM

Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Who’s up for a parade? Women’s soccer made the grade. NYC Mayor DeBlasio’s office thinks so. Got idea from elected official in the know. Making it happen would be a first time. No other women’s team been this prime. Quite fitting for Carli Lloyd making sports page. Bringing her ‘it-factor’ to the world stage.

Head coach happy as can be. Says girls did their duty. This for every girl who dreams. About being on winning teams. Looks on their faces said a lot. Like good food from grandma’s pot. Happiness at work or at play. Sure can happen any given day. Raise your game with more hearty. Celebrate like a 1999 party.

Lloyd’s mission for the team was there. Developing her talent year to year. Even before her Rutgers playing days. Was a force with a fierce gaze. Former coach giving her much props. Club team members say she’s got hops. Her happiness on the field as in a job. Comes with training, skill and expertise blob.

Women’s team was 23-player strong. Not just numbers but synergy along. Good balance of old-timers as well as upstarts. With coaches and role players doing their parts. Lloyd’s ‘it-factor’ in talent and teamwork mix. A combo for her game fix. Scoring three goals as a key player. Sharing the spotlight as team leader.

Lots of history in the making. With beauty and grace for the taking. Lloyd had hers in fair share. A surreal moment of happiness in the air. Not a feeling you want to fight. But floats you on cloud nine day or night. What that says about ‘it-factor’ is this. Midas touch in skill, chemistry and screaming-fan bliss.

carli-lloyd2Photo Credit: Getty Images

Tip: Your ‘it-factor’ in skill and happiness is not a feeling you fight but one that might bring screaming fans day or night.
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This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST