Job Market Reboot: 5 Steps to Career Refresh and Getting Back on the Dream Track


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams”

Know anybody who’s ever dislocated a limb? For one it can be painful. Plus, it can involve special steps to ensure proper healing. Well, Federal Bank Chair Janet Yellen in a recent speech touched on labor market dislocation. This is workforce displacement, discouragement and high long-term unemployment.

In addition, economic data analysis by Georgetown University found that 40% or roughly 4.6 million of those unemployed are ages 18 – 29. The July Jobs Report showed that around 3.2 million Americans are among the long-term unemployed. Clearly the economy needs a job market reboot and Labor Day reset.

With the unofficial end of summer upon us, BBQ cookouts are sure to be in full swing. There’re job fairs and career moves to follow. Oftentimes economic news is presented from a Wall Street perspective for the stock market. But who’s breaking it down from a Main Street perspective for the block market?

So, here are “5 steps to career refresh and getting back on the dream track” no matter where you are in the labor market whether employed, unemployed or emerging self-employed.

  1. Maximize Awareness:- “Know your dough and know your flow.” This means assessing the many ways you can turn your passion into profit and your pain into something that’s paying. It’s also about doing more of the things that get you in the flow of performance greatness.
  2. Professional Branding:- The idea of having a USP (unique selling proposition) is the same as highlighting your market value. Do you see yourself as Campus CEO, Me Inc. CEO, Urban CEO or Heartbeat CEO? Branding gives you a winner’s edge in being the best value money can buy.
  3. Increase Checking:- A meal’s entrée comes with a “main dish” supported by one or more sides. With your life’s purpose as a menu guide, take your main talent/skill/vision and surround it with one or more supporting sides. This way you build different streams into your checking account.
  4. Dream Living:- Deep inside many of us is a childhood dream wanting to breakout. Dream living isn’t always about becoming the next pop star or celebrity. It could simply be greater fulfillment or significance. Also, the more we help others achieve their dreams the more we achieve the same.
  5. Life Experience:- Is there something from your past experience that could be a setup for your next achievement? That’s really how your highs and lows can serve you well. Even if others can’t relate don’t deny yourself the opportunity of going from stumbling block to mountain top.

Stops and starts in the economy are like dealing with stalled cars on the highway. There’s rubbernecking, detours and block market slowdown. Stops and starts might even happen with your electronic devices. A refresh in market outlook starts with a reboot in purpose and a return to getting back on the dream track.

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