Solange Knowles Looking to Make Waves Among the Big Fish


Theme:–The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (Old-School Flava)

Some in the urban fashion world are abuzz with the news. It seems sista girl is ready to step outside the shadow of her big sister. With Beyoncé busy wrapping-up her ‘Mrs. Carter’ World Tour, little sis is ready to rock her own boat. That’s right, Solange Knowles is looking to make waves among the big fish.

She posted on Instagram her new role as Art Director & Creative Consultant with Puma. She now gets to put her own spin on athletic fashion. Solange’s journey leaves clues for going from starting job to dream job. It might be fuel for going from rejection to being a top selection. It’s about how she filled-in the blanks.

This new gig didn’t happen by chance. She’s been developing her skills somewhat in the background. Many know of her recorded music. It’s where her first love was born. But Solange and other dreamers raise their game and fine-tune their passion by doing for free what they eventually hoped to do for a fee.

She doesn’t have anywhere close to the mass-market appeal of her sister. Beyoncé can sell-out stadiums in the U.S. and overseas in a heartbeat. But Solange might say that’s not really the comparison to make. For dreamers it’s really about turning ability into a capability that serves a market or community.

Maybe this shows there’s enough room for many-a-dream in the ‘consumer ocean’ marketplace. Those dreams come in different shapes and sizes. They’re loaded with unique talents and features. They come with varying bells and whistles. Solange puts it together in a venture that’s more like a life’s adventure.


The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (New-School Flava)

Urban fashion world is abuzz. What many are talkin’ ‘bout cuz! She’s stepping outside her sister’s shadow. With a glimpse through her own window. With Beyoncé World Tour soon to close. Little sis ready to stick-out her nose. Solange Knowles now looking to make waves. Among the big fish and style craves.

Posting on Instagram her new role. Puma Art Director & Creative Consulting goal. To put her own spin on athletic gear. Bringing new trends on what to wear. Her whole story leaves clues. Starting job, dream job, paying her dues. Might be fuel for going from rejection. And how to fill-in the blanks for top selection.

New gig didn’t come by chance. Sort of like a give-and-take romance. Developing skills somewhat behind the scene. Now she’s ready to pull more green. With recorded music tooting her horn. That’s where her first love was born. It’s how dreamers build passion by doing for free. What they hope to do for a fee.

Less mass-market appeal than her sister. Didn’t stop her from thinking bigger. Beyoncé sells out stadiums in a heartbeat. Solange got to watch from the front seat. Might not be the comparison to make. As much as the fears she had to shake. Dreamers seize-on their ability. To serve a community or market capability.

So there’s lots of room for many-a-dream. In the ‘consumer ocean’ market-stream. Dreams come in different shapes and sizes. Loaded with unique talents and prizes. With bells and whistles to boot. And greater heights to shoot. Solange puts it together in new venture. To be continued in her life’s adventure.

Tip: Upping your game means thinking outside the box or outside the shadow of being a secret-admirer.

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