Did Carrie Underwood Strain Her Nerves Without a Crack in Her Voice?


Theme:– Operation C.R.U.S.H. Against Gun Violence, Bias and Clouded Vision

The Country Music Awards was ready for another year of Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley. The duo co-hosted the show the sixth year in a row. They used the show’s monologue to poke fun at celebs like “you know who.” Did Underwood have to strain her nerves without showing a crack in her voice?

She’s a good ol’ OKC country girl who’s come a long way from American Idol. She may not have grown up around the kind violence that’s been popping-up lately from coast to coast. This week saw a NJ Mall shooting that had people on edge. The 20-year old suspect fired-off a few rounds before taking his life.

Police say he made every effort not to harm anyone. With what appears to be some kind of suicide note, authorities believe he wanted to “die by cop.” These kinds of shootings suggest that while everything evil is bad, not everything bad is evil. Sometimes it’s just a matter of people looking for answers.

Underwood might relate when she looks back over her career. At five she was gung-ho about her singing dreams. At 16 she lost-out on a recording contract. At 18 she gave up on her dream to be a recording artist. But her appearance on American Idol helped to elevate a sense of purpose and meaning.

Simon Cowell said Underwood would become the biggest Idol artist. She’s now the top Idol earner with a slew of music industry awards. While public policy efforts on background checks and a review of ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws are important, nothing beats having something to live for before having to die for.

Footnote: Public policy efforts can produce important laws, but a shared sense of purpose offers the kinds of answers to gun violence that give people something to live for before having to die for.

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