Patti Labelle Gives Away a Piece of Herself to Groom Future Stars

(Part 4) Star Power Upload: (Old-School Flava)
Why Mentors, Role Models and a Few Sidekicks Make You Shine!

 Who’s Patti Labelle thinking can walk in her shoes? Not as if we want her to retire. But Patti has been eyeing a few singers. They include names like Fantasia and Marsha Ambrosius. She’s looking to put her stamp on Ledesi. Oh yea, Patti believes she’s the one with the right kinda vibe.

In Patti’s mind the right vibe makes you a hit. She has ‘anointed’ Ledesi because of her voice. Patti believes Ledesi’s voice has range and power. It’s pure and close to perfect. Among Ledesi’s many tweets you can see how she looks-up to Patti as a mentor from a distance, but role model up-close.

Role models and mentors are examples of a grooming relationship. They help others find their voice. Not for singing but for living your dreams. It’s what moves careers from zero to hero. Patti also believes longevity in the game is about having a vision. You can look past right now to see the big picture.

Maybe Patti and Ledesi are cut out of the same cloth. They put heart and soul into their work. But Patti’s life is not just about the music. For her, star power means staying above the ‘hype of Hollywood.’ So, she’s found a hobby or vice in cooking. It provides relaxation and keeps her life on point.

A few years ago Patti sang to honor Prince for his BET Lifetime Achievement Award. This year Patti was in the honoree’s chair. Her life as mentor, role model and ‘celebrity chef’ shows how a vision helps you maximize your voice. This way you can have the right vice and a fun vibe for a lifetime of achievement.


(Part 4) Star Power Upload: (New-School Flava)
Why Mentors, Role Models and a Few Sidekicks Make You Shine!

What’s Patti Labelle thinking? Who can walk in her shows without blinking? Not that we want her to retire. But Patti’s eyeing a few singers who’ve got fire. Names like ‘Idol’ Alum Fantasia. Or ex-Floetry member Marsha Ambrosius. But Patti believes Ledesi’s the one. Having the right vibe for grown and sexy fun.

In Patti’s mind vibe makes you a hit. She thinks Ledesi’s got it in her toolkit. Anointed because of her voice. She was Patti’s first choice. As she shows range and vocal power. Pure, close to perfect with an attitude that’s not sour. Among Ledesi’s many tweets. Listing Patti as mentor and role model peeps.

Theirs is like a grooming relationship. Sparked from a distant friendship. It’s how mentors and role models bring you in the fold. Helping you turn your dreams into gold. Even if your career is at zero. You can rise to pop-star hero. Patti feels vision adds longevity in the game. Seeing the big picture boosts your acclaim.

Maybe they’re cut out the same cloth. Putting heart and soul in their song broth. But for Patti life is more than music that’s good. Her star power is in staying above the ‘hype of Hollywood.’ Finding a hobby or vice in cooking. Selling products through home shopping. Which provides relaxation and a good living.

Not long ago singing for Prince’s BET honor. A Lifetime Achievement for his musical power. This year was Patti’s turn. Receiving the same honor which she did earn. Mentor, role model, ‘celebrity chef,’ to name a few. Success for Patti means turning vision and a voice into a larger view.

Tip: Role models and mentors show how vision helps you maximize your voice with the right vice so you can have a fun vibe.

Talkback: Do you agree with Patti that Ledesi’s got next or could she have picked someone else?

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