Venus & Serena Williams Come to Win On and Off the Court.

(Part X) Reinvent Your Game, Future-Proof Your Dreams: (Old-School Flava)
How Celebs & Pros Go from Played-out to Poppin’ Again!

 This year’s French Tennis Open is history. The clay court extravaganza provided an exciting finish. International participation was high with Na Li from China and Rafael Nadal from Spain earning bragging rights. Where were the Williams sisters? After recent injuries their game has been put on ice.

Venus suffered a hip flexor strain earlier this year. Serena has been fighting depression after a foot injury, as well as lung artery blockage. Both ladies are on the comeback trail. In the meantime, they’re working on reinventing their game. This involves becoming “new and improved” in technique.

On a recent CNN interview Venus spoke about her love for the game. She discussed some of her passions off the court. There’s probably not a championship that she hasn’t played-in or won. But she has her sights set on the next goal she seeks. Reinventing your game is to align with new goals and roles.

Of-course, everybody loves the Williams sisters for their fashion statements. Their colorful play on the court comes with some sexy attire. When not playing tennis, Venus runs her fashion line. Serena is no slouch either in “After- Five” gear. I suppose both are keen on coming back looking sleek and chic.

When all is said and done, Venus & Serena know it’s going to take hard work. That’s what has made them so accomplished. They bring fire-power and confidence on and off the court. The sisters show what it means to have the heart and will of a champion. Watch as they return for a new round of success.

(Part X) Reinvent Your Game, Future-Proof Your Dreams: (New-School Flava)
How Celebs & Pros Go from Played-out to Poppin’ Again!

This year’s French Open is done. Na Li and Rafael Nadal had some fun. Winning in exciting style. Adding to their money pile. For the Williams sisters there was no shout. Sadly, both have been out. Recovering from injuries that make you wanna pout. Their game has been put on ice. Career over?… think twice.

Venus had a hip strain. Not from playing in the rain. Serena fighting depression. After foot injury and near convulsion. Both on the comeback trail. Going at slow pace like a snail. Working on reinventing their game. With more championships to claim. Bigger and better in technique. That’s it for a sneak peek.

She discusses her love for tennis on CNN. And the chances of a romantic friend. With a few passions off the court. Like creating designer fashion skort. When not playing for wins. Keeps busy from life’s sins. Staying close to her clothing line. Maybe, every now and then a drink of wine.

Folks love their center court dress. The way they play is no mess. Feeling good, making a statement. With sexy attire for any “After-Five” engagement. Knowing what not to wear. Combining colorful play with fashion gear. Watch and see them looking sleek. With their reputation of being chic. 

When all is said and done. Venus and Serena have a swing like guns. Knowing it will take hard work. To achieve new goals and bigger perks. Bringing fire-power and confidence. Winning is no happen-stance. Showing heart and will of a champion. Rolling into the next success station.

Tip: Reinventing yourself means moving your game from being on ice to being on top at the right price.

Talkback: Is it time for Venus and Serena to retire or do they still have some game left?

Coming Soon: “Star Power Upload: Why Mentors, Role Models and a few Sidekicks Make You Shine!”

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