(Part 3) Act Like a S.T.A.R. And Go Far In 2010!

 So many stars. So little time. Come dressed in their finest. Hoping for praise that’s highest. Fans wanting to see. Their favorite celebs for free. Meryl Streep made some weep. Monique accepted without a bleep. Who’s got next? For a breakthrough release. As fast rising actor or artist.

Felt like a dream. Being named best supporting actress. Takes a lot of inspiration. Some call on heaven. Or play the number seven. Others look within. Drawing on life’s blues and rhythm. Become an observer. Of what makes you tick. Work harder and harder. Until things begin to stick.

Read whatever you can. Learn everything and have a plan. Get some more knowledge. Before and after college. Believe in yourself. Though you’ll have doubts. Have faith in your abilities. As well as the possibilities. We’re in the information age. Take some classes. Reach the next stage.

How do you practice? Or improve your game? It’s not what you do. As much as how you do you. Turn inspiration. Into a call to action. Find the motivation. To raise your satisfaction. Go from a spark. To a breakout star. Or even a mega superstar.

Turn your skills loose. Quitting is not an option. Not used as an excuse. The more you believe. The higher you achieve. Do whatever it takes. To live up to your name. Promote your work. Watch for a rise in acclaim. Then the rewards will come. With the awards you receive.

Hip Tip: Every success has a build-up, sometimes a breakdown and most times a breakthrough.

Blog Talkback: What do you love most about the success of Mariah, Monique or Mary J. in becoming stars?

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