(Part 2) Act Like A S.T.A.R. And Go Far in 2010!

 A star is born. From the Golden Globes to the Grammys. Red carpet to after parties. Mariah Carey is up for a nomination. Hopefully she’ll be sober on this occasion. What do the Grammys and Golden Globes have in common? A few fashion firsts. And a glimpse of the American spirit.

How’d they get there? Looking up for inspiration. Within for motivation. Creating a shift in consciousness. Working with a sense of purpose. Soon they dominate. In living the dream. Studying their field. Like there’s no tomorrow. Moving away from drama. And yesterday’s past sorrow.

Who’s hot? Who’s not? Seen in the winners. Best new artist. Or supporting actress. In Hip Hop, R&B or reality TV. Sharing their story. Of new found glory. Success was a winding road. But they made it.  Achieving their goal. Thanking family and friends. Supporting to the end.

What might go unsaid. Are the times of frustration. Sometimes crying in bed. No one came knocking. Or the money wasn’t in the hustling. Then a wake-up call or aha moment. When the only way forward was up. And the only time to act. Was now not never. Starting over fresh as ever.

Brings out the hero in you. Dreamers don’t quit. Even if they lose some. They go from wishing to winning. From stuck to star. Finding themselves. Saying yes. To less stress and more happiness. Seen as first-class. Becoming top-grade. Accepting that coveted award. On the world stage.

Hip Tip: Some people succeed out of nothingness but most dreams are conceived out of consciousness.

Blog Talkback: Do you find acceptance speeches inspiring or see them as moments of celebrity rants?