Following The Dream – Reality Check

Doc Cunningham What’s the longest running game show on TV today? Deal or no Deal? The Price is Right? Jeopardy? Not Sure? Well, take a few minutes as you read to think about it. You can vote in our poll at the end. In the meantime, there’s a lot that one can learn from watching your favorite TV game show.


For example, Wheel of Fortune can inspire us to follow our dreams. People who aspire to be on the show probably love the game. They may love the co-hosts (Hey Vanna… Pat) or the play or the feeling they get from watching. They get a kick from seeing the spin of the wheel.


The wheel spin is how each player increases their winnings. It’s where they might make a silent wish and hope that the wheel stops at the right spot. Each spin allows you to guess a letter in the puzzle. After a few spins the player is likely to purchase a vowel. This will help in figuring out the puzzle. Maybe after a few more spins they can solve the puzzle. If the answer is correct then the total prize money grows.


Following your dream in many ways is similar to what happens on Wheel of Fortune. You begin by starting a business that best suits your passion. This way you are doing something that you love and can turn passion into profit. Then you might make a wish and set some goals to get the wheels turning. Don’t overlook the value of networking. You will have to try some things you’ve never done before in order to have what you’ve never had before.


Along the way you make a leap of faith by taking some calculated guesses and risks. As your business grows you see where your dream’s coming true. You can make a wish before you blow out the candle on that birthday cake or before you throw a penny into the Shopping Mall’s fountain pool. However, doing what it takes to follow your dream in business is a great way to experience a wheel of fortune.



Dreamer – Reality Check Rap

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One thought on “Following The Dream – Reality Check

  1. Networking is great for your business. As for risks, we all have to take them. Having a strategy will help toward the final goal but also for marketing your business and planning. We all have to spin the wheel at some point.

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