President-Elect Obama, Rags to Riches or Average Joe to CEO?

 The United States has elected its first African-American President. Aren’t you glad you lived to see this day? What a great storyI The Presidential campaign began almost two years ago with many wondering whether history would be made. As the journey unfolded we saw increasing drama and political dogma that some wanted to turn into media-driven hoopla.


There is much to be said about how Obama ran his campaign with vision and precision. His story is one that is less “rags to riches” and more “average Joe to CEO.” That’s because Obama and his wife are not the sons and daughters of privilege. They grew up in “economy-class” households that over a period of two or three generations have gone from sharecroppers to showstoppers.


Now that Obama has gone from average Joe to CEO of the United States, how can we follow his lead and turn an idea into a business, passion into profit, a cause into a campaign? How can you follow his lead and live your dreams? The answer has a lot to do with purpose. As he considered the obstacles he would face, it became clearer to him that the time was now. Moreover, he was certain that this responsibility lined-up with his life’s purpose. Sometimes if you’re not sure what is your purpose you simply have to ask God, “Why did you put me here?”


Someone once said that if you fail to plan, you can’t blame “the man.”’ Well, maybe that’s not quite how it was said but whatever you choose to do you must make plans to succeed. A commercial pilot doesn’t leave the gate without a flight plan because there isn’t much room for error. An architect doesn’t break ground for a skyscraper without a blueprint because the certificate of occupancy depends on it. A business plan, a project plan or a marketing plan can help to make a winning brand.


It’s hard to deny that Obama attracted more money to his kitty and more people to rally after rally. Was it because of his message of hope or change? Regardless of the reasons, Obama understands that people are an important part of your success. You can’t know everything there is to know. You can’t be everywhere you need to be. So, when you surround yourself with positive people you increase your chances of becoming everything you want to become.


A lesson learned from the Obama Presidential Campaign 2008 is if you want to succeed on the job, in business and in life you must have a purpose and a plan that line-up. This will help to attract the people with whom you’ll experience shared success. Obama certainly knows something about attracting people and maybe, just maybe he can look back on his journey and say with grace and humility the words from that popular ’80s song, “How Ya Like Me Now!”



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